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Swamp The Game :

Swamp is a new challenging 2d card game ,it's Rules a bit similar to Bridge with some adjustments , it follows same colors and shape priority " Spades , Hearts , Diamonds , Clubs " , the game consist of 4 individual players, no teams just you against the others .

Game Play Rules :

1- In Bridge if the base card "the card that been droped fst " is Spade , then the others players has to drop Spade too , this not happening on Swamp you have to follow the same color "Black or Red " same like the top Player, For example if the top player drop Hearts then you have to drop Hearts or Diamonds "You have to follow the same Color Black or Red , and if the player on the right side or left side droped Red Color then you have drop Black , But if you who took the pick then you are allowed to drop any color you want , The following pictures will explain
how its look like when all players drop cards.

Who Can Collect The Pick :
After Each drop a card the calculation proccess will start , for each card has a certain points ,
for example from card No 2 till card No 10 is equal to its number card No 2 = 2 points
3 = 3 points ect. , But Jack = 14 points , Queen = 16 points , King = 18 Points and
Ace = 22 Points , What happens is when when the four players drop thier four cards the
Red cards points added to each others and Black cards added to each other and the Reds Points
SUBDIVIDED from Black Points , So if the Reds won the one who drop the higher card in Red
is the one who can collect the pick . FOR EXMAPLE :

Right side Player droped : 4 Hearts
Top Side Player droped : Queen Spade
Left side Player droped : Jack Diamond
And you MAIN PLAYER droped : Kind Club

In this case the Black color points is 34 higher than Red color which is 18 but You As main player droped King Club and King is higher than Queen so this pick is yours .

All points are equal :

If all points are equal Blacks = Reds Then the one who droped the highest color shape
(Spade , Hearts , Diamond , Club) will take the pick .

Game Rounds:

The Game consist of 14 rounds and Players has drop all of their cards in each round , Each
round start by estimating the call , and the call is the number of picks that each player intending to collect according to thier cards , For example if you have 1 ace and 2 kings and 1 jack and 1 queen in you cards then you can choose to 5 as a call means you have to collect 5 Picks.

Round's Points:

Round's points will be calculated at theend of each round ,every play will get 10 points + his / her call FOR example if player asking for 4 call "Picks" if he/she was able to get the 4 picks means his/her total points will 4+10 = 14 , and if he/she was the highest call in that round will
addional 10 so total will be 24.

What if a player ask for 0 call "Picks" ?!

If the player is so confident that his/her cards will not get any picks then he/she can ask for 0
and if he was able get that 0 he/she will get 20 points.

What if a player ask for 5 call "Picks" and got only 3 ?!

You have to get exactly the number of call "picks" that you was asking for in the begining of
each round , if you got more or less than you call then you will not get 10 points but you will get just the amount of picks that you have COLLECTED .

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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