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Swords and Soldiers 2 Shawarmageddon reviews

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Microsoft from French
I started the campaign, but I quickly found it uninteresting. Basically:-you have your base (a kind of cart), from which you send troops to fight, there are birfurcations up/down that you have to activate. And so your troops must go and destroy the enemy base, while attempting to stop his troops. -It is also necessary to send a special unit to collect gold, to be able to build new troops. -You have spells, and you have to manage your mana. This is the whole game, you know all its intricacies! I found it really not taking at all, it's slow, soft, and without great interest... Reimbursement obtained.
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Microsoft from Russian
Well, I want to share a review on the continuation of the legendary (in my opinion) series. What I liked is the processing of the parties to the conflict (the Aztecs and the Chinese have sunk into oblivion, but the Oldy will find a lot of their chips as the changed Berserkov, so the Arabs and Devils). Very excited to recycle the system with the strongest warriors and skills (Formerly you could spam the giants of the Aztecs and few could resist it, now there is a restriction that allows you to keep only a certain amount, and after their death there is a decent Cool down); About the skills of the old hammer of the Torah, Dragon and Boulder: They were made less imb, which also shows that the game is based not on one spam skills, but on a decent army. The System of selection of soldiers on the course of the company also leaves the product at altitude. In comparison with the first part is absolutely visible progress. In my opinion first had to tell about how and why the Aztecs and the Chinese disappeared, and how the Demons appeared. The Only significant minus 9.5/10, You can finish (Recommended to Buy)
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Microsoft from Russian
Disappointed in the second part. First Impressions: Cons: 1. If in the first you enjoyed the meditative construction of units from your base, in this part of this mechanics almost removed and made the base of walkers in most campaign missions, which, by the way, have become much more complex. And for the arcade to spend an average of 2-3 attempts to pass the mission on the bronze somehow not very. 2. The Mechanics of collecting resources (gold) made it worse by adding the boxes descending from the heavens with gold, which you must mark, that your unit dragged him to the base, thus coming off of the most interesting-battles. 3. And The mechanics of building units is also broken, because they cost twice as much gold, than in the first part, and gold mining remained at the same level, so either you have a few minutes to stash the gold, to all the cattle to let the army, or a large Part of the time to watch the dull Battle of the 1-2 unit against 1-2 units, there is no action battles of huge armies. 4. The Branded sound of the units during the construction, in the first part it was cool and memorable, in the same very bluffing. 5. Imbalance. Demons are stronger than Vikings and Persians. Pros: 1. Many new units and spells have Appeared. 2. The Graphics have become better.