Swords & Crossbones: An Epic Pirate Story reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
By or start.. This game has big flaws but saw the giggles that I'm typing as well as the strong mental health loss of my friends who have me listening while I play XD. Quick description: you are a kind of escrieuse bodyguard (Yes Yes you are a lady) who had the mission to protect another damsel, you are ataquer by pirates a fight, then another pirate arrives Blizzardo who kills the captain and kidnaps your friends, the Admiral of the Royal Navy arrives and captures everyone). So you to save your friends had to create a fairly charismatic crew we will say XD short the positive: + longer life than correct + funny story with lots of dialogues + fast evolution, in some time you made fast progress your personal and your weapon + funny mob (bhbergmann puncher xD) negative:-after a start or it is difficult to progress quickly we get the armurie who if you wanted to create weapons that even at the end of the game by stealing the bosses you find that very little weapon better (have the best weapon of u game in less than 5 h is pretty frustrating good time they have to go farmer resources for crafter if not lucky)-the resource of the chests are totally hazardous, this my very often happen to open several chests a 500 carrots xD-repetitive: you go on an island you will deliver a personal (pirate or a Manager for tourism), a secondary quest for decoration appears as well as 1/2 a boss to kill who are a crew member of Blizzardo) and so on-fix too basic , you quickly climb your personal after crafting a little almost all your personal distance puts the tank in front one hit. -The job of some personal that we must save and quickly inflating because go to save a fart trainer who ensees you free the surf teacher to face a boss voila XD)-the zombies, very rare at the beginning but fast swelling in the end, it tank very well , can pocket your man a-20% of their life/turn and all have swelling power (of the kind that prevents your Peros from playing during 8 rounds)-fluidity of the fights, at the beginning it goes but has strength, do: turn the perso, move it, click on action choose action , choose the target, accept) it's long for a ride, the worst resterat when you want to position its crews they have to click a guy, put it and accept (when you have twelve XD) at the end you made Auto for placement, Auto for simple fights and you made s even the bosses yourself I would say that it is the most frapapnt citrus that I have, after the gold is quickly farmable as soon as we can loot the wrecks XD and the stuff is so much that one gets over stuff quickly medium games, sometimes raging but strangely we like it