Taekwondo Grand Prix reviews

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Product received for free Finally there Is a Taekwondo Game for the PC Gamers! Taekwondo as a Martial Arts has enjoyed a battle since the mid-20th century. At the Beginning of The 20th century, it has Millions of Practitioners worldwide. I myself, in the Course of my martial arts life, have been able to train with and loved a highly respected Grandmaster from Korea for a few years. I was All the more tense about how Taekwondo Grand Prix will play. This Review will be followed first by a Pro/Contra lineup and a small Conclusion At the End of:) Sijak! : Pro: Graphically Appealing and also playable on Low-Budget PCs The Movements + Techniques are predominantly beautifully implemented Leaderboard Battles (online) with good Matchmaking (Level-based + Region) and stable Servers, Friendship fights (online with Steam friends), Endless Mode (Endless Fights gg AI opponents), Versus (Local 2-Player matches), Dojang (training mode with adjustable Difficulty) Contra: Musical Accompaniment is simplified and virtually non-existent There is no "technology list" in which you can check It can be carried out such as Apchagi, Dolleyo-Chagi, Yeopchagi and Co. No active Changes of position into the various Seogi (Positions) Rudimentary control Overview (detailed Explanations are missing, especially with the different block types. ESport tournament or a League (?) planned, one is asked to register, but on the Website there is no possibility currently No Selection of the fight venue places conclusion: Despite the above Criticisms I like Taekwondo Grand Prix very much. From the Point of view of a Taekwondoin, the Focus of this Game is on tactics and not on effect hunchei. This is mainly noticeable when you contest Leaderboard Fights online, with pure Button-Smashing you don't get far. The endurance system is well implemented and once you understand the block types, you can use them to your Advantage. Which Techniques can be learned as implemented through Practice, thankfully there is the Dojang, but it would certainly do the Title good to improve here and provide a detailed List of Input descriptions analogous as it Is Tekken, Dead Or Alive "In advance," etc. You look for a story mode in vain, but I don't think it's that Claim At all. It is a pure sports game and fills the Niche OF Taekwondo PC Games, which has virtually no Competition. Gameplay technology is very quickly internalized the Control of the Avatar and can quickly concentrate on the Tactics in combat. For this Prize, Taekwondo Grand Prix is a Must for any Taekwondoin-Laymen of this Martial Art I advise to watch gameplay material in itself, E.g. with me: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=skffduw0TSE&feature=youtu.be