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Raise your shield. Embrace Lady Tallowmere's dungeons.

Indulge Lady Tallowmere. See how far through her lovingly violent dungeons you can delve in this 2D indie action roguelike-inspired platformer.

New rooms are procedurally generated every time you play, meaning you'll have to be on your guard for every randomly-placed enemy, elite, boss, and treasure chest you'll come across.

Each room gets progressively bigger, harder, and more rewarding the further you go.

The concept is simple yet hard to master:

  • Raise your shield to block enemy attacks.
  • Lower your shield and strike your foes when the timing is right.
  • Jump or move to avoid traps, or raise your shield to reduce damage taken.
  • Find the key to advance to the next room.
  • Collect weapons, outfits, headgear, and shields of various rarities to aid your journey.
  • Turn in souls from slain enemies to increase your base stats and passive abilities.
  • Stay alive as long as you can!
  • Brace yourself with your shield as you learn the quirks of each foe and trap so you can strive for that "one more run" high-score victory! Each dungeon is infinite in length so it's up to you to push your limits; a local scoreboard lets you track your greatest efforts.

    Available for Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Play with keyboard (and optionally mouse), or use your favourite gamepad/controller.

    Lady Tallowmere offers single-player and local co-op madness (up to 4 players) for fun frantic couch gaming.


    Key Features:

    ✓ Action roguelike platformer with randomly-generated levels, each room bigger than the last
    ✓ Wreak havoc with trusty axes, hefty clubs, teleporting katanas, stealth-enabling emerald daggers, freezing ice wands, bouncing grenades, embroiling flamethrowers, and powerful rocket launchers
    ✓ Find and equip outfits, headgear, shields, and more
    ✓ Hunt for power with 7 tiers of item rarities ranging from Basic to Otherworldly
    ✓ Learn to conquer multiple enemy types with elite variations, including fire mages, archers, leapers, conductors, ogres, flail knights, feelers, bloats, and zaeries
    ✓ Satisfying combat with persistent bloodsplats and gibs
    ✓ Tactical shield blocking
    ✓ Infinite jumping
    ✓ Deadly traps and obstacles to try and avoid, such as spinning pinwheels, acid clouds, and extremely pointy spikes
    ✓ Coins, hearts, souls, and keys to collect from slain foes
    ✓ Hardcore permadeath to keep your adrenaline going
    ✓ Treasure chests to loot
    ✓ Potions to keep you alive
    ✓ Special room events and bosses to master
    ✓ Passive abilities for you to gain strength and then some
    ✓ Coin-loving merchants
    ✓ Shrines of untold power
    ✓ Difficulty settings to match your pain threshold
    ✓ Challenge modes
    ✓ Combat/event log
    ✓ Soft savegame system (so you can quit and resume later)
    ✓ Local achievement system
    ✓ Local high-score system
    ✓ Sacrificial kittens
    ✓ Dev console for cheats

    ✓ Runs on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android
    ✓ Play single-player or local couch shared-screen co-op (up to 4 players)
    ✓ Keyboard and mouse support
    ✓ Full gamepad/controller support
    ✓ Independent game developer

    You're not afraid... or are you?
    To those who will be lured into Lady Tallowmere's dungeons: good luck.

    • English
    • Finnish / Suomi – Tomi Turkki & Olli-Samuli Lehmus
    • French / Français – Christophe Braguy
    • German / Deutsch – Spiffosi, sePL, & John Westfield
    • Italian / Italiano – Luca Pattarini
    • Japanese / 日本語 – Teyon Japan
    • Polish / Polski – Maciej Ułanowicz
    • Russian / Русский – Tycho Davidianus
    • Simplified Chinese / 简体中文 – Kai Shao
    • Spanish / Español – Jose M. Gaspar
    • Turkish / Türkçe – A. Ozkal

    The current build hosted on itch.io is Version 350.5. For details about this version, please visit tallowmere.com/changelog

    Purchase Tallowmere from itch.io and receive a Steam key from your itch.io account page.

    The included Android port requires Android 4.4 or higher and OpenGL ES 2.0 or higher.
    Further details here. For a list of supported Android controllers, click here.

    Soundtrack contains 13 MP3s.

    Release date
    Chris McFarland
    Age rating
    Not rated

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    System requirements for Linux

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    System requirements for PC

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    Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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