The Adventure of Magical Girl

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This is the sequel to "The Legend of Bean".
The protagonists this time are three young girls from a magic academy. In the Sea Empire Cadiaden, there is the most advanced mainland magic academy. Firoro, Mirumiru and Kukuri are students from this academy. The protagonist Firoro, makes an extremely bold decision because of a very common matter, causing an irreparable serious consequence, and a great adventure to escape on the edge of life and death is

After the end of "The Legend of Bean"
The mercenaries Kaim and Asal are unable to get used to the court life, so they give up their lordship and continue to wander around, living by eating grass as mercenaries. But their boring routine is broken again. They would meet the three students from the magic academy. What kind of story would be waiting for them?

  • Magical Girl + JRPG
  • Lovable, addicting characters
  • Exciting story full of twists and witty or hilarious dialogs
  • High-quality maps, monsters and graphics, along with a lush music score enhance the experience
  • Turn-Based
  • Over 30 different monsters to fight, each with their own strengths, and modifiers for them as well for even more variety.

the prequel《The Legend of Bean》

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/8.1/10 (32bit/64bit)
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 253 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound
  • OS: Windows XP/Vista/Windows 7/8/8.1/10
  • Processor: 1.6 GHz
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 9.0
  • Storage: 300 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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The Adventure of Magical Girl reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Game performed in a very simple gameplay, entertainment style. The Sequel to Legend Of Bean, therefore, is essentially the same chic funny narrative, in the same world. The same card, the same irrepressible activity of the heroes. It is Poured into the fact that the locations are the same, one new territory. The Locations are the same, but with a discount on events occurred after the main game. In General Adventure Of Magical Girl is a small easy addition to the game itself. Fights are not difficult, farm monsters do not need. Adds a real element of the stele, when all the monsters on the map we run. Encountered on story bosses are defeated without problems, after purchasing equipment for money from the previous boss and those that you found in the trunk. The Game is made in the setting of girls-magicians, like Madaki, Hz what there, I do not know, the Taitli not looked. I had an association with Winx, but in a more aneshin aspect and a cleaner, witty sea. In Large account, the game reveals the author's world, which was in the "Bean ' e", given that all the locations were ready, the work was done a little, but it was worth it. The Game is perceived, due to its lightness, as a visual novel. With a pair of items such as-defeat the boss, purchase equipment. In the rest we read the story, moving on the fantasy world. I was very much in this. First of all, the jokes. They in Legend Of Bean were excellent and here not worse. Play for three Fairy Girls, the main characters from the first part of our parallel satellites and, basically, the whole game these girls run after them on the Map of the World. Princess Queen is not seen, but apparently she had a liquid hit the head, because after winning the main story game, she received the throne instead of her Folder. And in the course of Magic Görly, we learn that her Empire unleashed war on the neighboring. The Castle is closed, it is impossible to get there. What I wanted to say to the RPG Maker. The Game is made perfectly, but for those who can perceive. There are now movies-budget, blockbuster Postrelushki, serials about members and dwarfs and all that. Films require realization of perception in a brain of an image and therefore are directed for less developed people. M-mmm... No, I didn't say that. Movies are easier to perceive including low-developed people, as the picture, image and wow-effect is served. Movies and ANIMSU. The Books require 33 caps, or other numbers in other languages, to draw into whole worlds in their imagination. This develops the potential of abstraction. Books are the highest nerve centers of the brain, bark. A Hike in the Kinzo-pituitary gland and the oclolobe lobe of the brain. The Game is here for a while. They have a figurative and auditory effect for the Bydlo-public (I can say this and to myself-it's a joke, not an insult). At the same time allows you to enter the main characters and receive information directly from the fictional world. This does not have a book. And the RPG Maker here has a meaning. In the RPG Maker Grabon often the standard and the common general make this engine a direct descendant of abstraction. The Authors try to tell the first story factor. Even Hyeongtai. Ease of handling allows you to do this. It's like taking a pen, paper and start writing. (We do not consider the Fact of card fraud.) It is a pity that in our civilization of moviegoers and comic books this situation will not accept the turnover of success and recognition. Fools prefer to often stigmatize games do not provide a wow-effect. And since such foreheads are always the majority, the new means of storytelling with visual overtones and, at the same time, high level of abstraction, is forced to remain without close attention and sales. It reminds Me of a situation when the tpushki and the cowardly pitching laugh at the school's bison in the 9th grade. It is Strange that no one pours streams of pomas on Wow-Games popular for lack of meanings and too good graphaphone and excessively small length of screensavers, in conjunction with too small volume of text in each scene. (Not direct speech, but-canvases.) But to break over the RPG Maker and say that the same type, can every citizen of light behavior. The Book is a pipetz of the same type, box, and also with the same zakkoryukami. P/S/I'll Add that RPG Maker in the same connection loses the ability to directly receive information and associate themselves with the main characters.
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