The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Review The Book of Unwritten Tales 2 The Book of Unwritten Tales (BoUT2) is a classic Adventure-nothing more and no less can and can be expected. The Game-unlike much of the other Andventures-relies not on Drawn Backgrounds, but on 3D graphics. This looks very atmospheric. Personally, However, I find happy drawn backgrounds better and more appropriate at Adventures, but that is of course a Matter Of taste. King Art has definitely delivered a good Adventure here Again, which is technically based on the first Part. Since there are some Nods to the Predecessor and the Prequel (The Book of Unwritten Tales: The Livestock Chronicles), it makes sense to play these two Games in advance. However, it is not Very necessary for the Story. Still, I recommend it as I found the other two Games out of line a little better (specifically Part 1). What was still to be faulted about the last Part of the Series (the Livestock Chronicles) were the few Locations and the slightly short Playing Time (I don't know for sure anymore, but I may have played a maximum of ten hours-and I'm a slow Player). Both have changed, there are a lot of Locations in BoUT2 and the Playing Time has increased immensely. It took me over 30 Hours (as I said, I'm a slow Player). However, in my Opinion the Game should have been a bit more compressed, some of which the Story rippled a little in front of it-I liked Part 1 much better (which was also longer than the Cattle Chronicles). But this is mecker at a quite high Level, because if you like (humorous) adventures, I can recommend BoUT2 unreservedly. The Gags are mostly good, moving seriously through the whole fantasy genre through the Cocoa (so everything you know like That, be it movies, Games or Books). World of Warcraft now gets away with Significantly less of its Fat than it did in the first Part (but in 2009 WoW was also in the Zenith of Attention), but is still represented with some Sideshires (or now generally the MMO genre, as you want to see it). In any Case, the Casual Player will probably discover (or understand) significantly fewer Gags than the inclined "Frequent Player." :) It should also be mentioned that the Game has a few (few) side Quets. Some of them are somewhat hidden, but definitely worth a wage. Especially one-and without wanting to give too much away: During a Journey into the Past, one's own Computer Technology travels with-to the "Stone Age" of the home computers. Absolutely rewarding and fun, you shouldn't miss this Quest. ;) Technically, BoUT2 makes a good Impression overall. The Graphics are ok (as I said at The beginning, I'm not the great 3D friend at Adventures), the Sound as well and the Speakers are well chosen. However, I had (especially with the Character Wilbur) from time to time the Problem that the Voiceover was mismixed (that is, very quiet), or completely suspended. Only Subtitles helped-too bad that half a Year after Release it has not yet been fixed. In addition, I had no technical Problems and can play with maximum Details in 1080p (Core i7-2600k @ 4.5 GHz, 12 GB RAM, Geforce GTX 970 SLI-but significantly less is likely to be enough). My Rating: Graphic: 7/10 Sound: 8/10 Circumference: 10/10 Atmosphere: 8/10 Play: 82%