The Broken Seal reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
After 2 Hours Of playing, I have to say that I am positively surprised by this Game. (Tested with HTC Vive) * Addendum: Now also with German Voice Control, just Top! The Broken Seal Is an RPG with Voice Control, and that even works very well. After we have created our Character and have chosen between 3 Levels of difficulty, we start. We start on a small Market Place and are sent out to kill various Bosses. In the Marketplace itself, there are various NPC's who provide us with Quests. In addition, a Dealer in Weapons and an Incantation Teacher, where we can summon a Companion for Payment. At First we have Sword and Shield at our disposal, later We will get a Bow and learn Magic. After we picked up the first Quests we brave out into the huge World. On the Way to the various Bosses we face Hordes of Enemies, who have to be eliminated first. This ranges from small Goblins to War Bears to large Berserks. The Fight with Sword and Shield works quite well, the Bow takes some getting used to, but the Highlight is the Magic and The Menu guide. By Voice control, we can access both our Inventory or card (also proceed at the Touch Of a button) and hurl powerful Magic Cards at our Opponents. And that works surprisingly well. I have to confess that after my first Fireball I swung straight at Magicians because it's just a huge Fun and works so intuitively. While at First we only have the "Fireball" at our disposal, later we get so many other Spells that we are forced to remember our Favorites, as there are simply too many. Of course, we also need Experience Points to reach the next Level, and can then amplify our Spells or wear better Gear. The Inventory is also simply regulated in a class. With the Saying "show me the package" (or button printing), we open the Inventory and suddenly stand in a Kind of Dressing room. Our Loot hangs nicely ready on the Wall, we can equip and reinforce our Char with Both Jewelry and weapons. All of This works very well, seems thoughtful and runs intuitively. In addition, there is a Multiplayer Mode to start the Hunt for bosses and Loot together with up to 4 People. For Locomotion we can choose between Teleport and free Movement, both seem to work well, but I have almost exclusively used the free Movement. The Graphics are fine, only maybe 1-2 Villages or similar would have been quite nice for some Variety. Due to the great Voice Control and the great Menu guide, the Game has earned a Thumbs-up. In addition, a huge Game world with 40 Hours and more Gameplay, lots of Loot, massive Spells and that even in the MP, Hats off to the Performance of this 2-Man team. For me, a clear Buy recommendation. Greeting Ziffi Ziffi's Game tips as Curator: