The Cat! Porfirio's Adventure reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Well, perhaps Nachnëm review. It's cool. | Good. By tradition, first the pros and cons, then from yourself. ; 3 • Pluses:-Chic atmosphere of the village in Which the Parfeška had a summer. -Best cat Simulator. Graphics. Does not cut eyes and looks very beautiful. -Cute main characters, including our GG Parfenti, for which we play. -Gameplay... Ahem, um, about this at the end. • Cons: No Negatives were found. • Plus-minus: a Game for children, but I myself we grow older happily walked. • From myself: Recently remembered how very long ago played the game Three Heroes and decided to search for we grow older in Steam, And the miracle! I found the We grow older, I was happy as a small. I Bought, uploaded, played and remembered those very moments. And It seemed very strange to me that when I was a little missionary I was so "Ugh-you, yes easy", and now I pass them for hours. Then in a few days I again decided to go into this masterpiece and... I had a bug popping up. After that I decided to search for games on discounts, and I watch the game The Cat Porfirios Adventure 23 rubles, well, I think "let'S see the screenshots." And here, I looked through the screenshots and this graphics seemed very familiar to me. It Turned out this game from the same developers. Bought it, it turned out to weigh very little, I think "And how much it weighs there? Oh, only 300 MB, it is necessary to download and look at this miracle». When I opened the game I saw a familiar screensaver and the same graphics in the menu, as in the screenshots. To start the game and I met the Zastavochka, in the Koatse somehow: Parfentius sits and looks in the window, and then some girl says-"Parfentius, get ready, we go to the village for persistently summer." In response, the question followed-"Me?". And Parfentius and the whole room looks as if they are made of either fabric or plasticine, it looks very beautiful! After The video we are already in the village of Grandma's house, and we are waiting for training, i.e. how to manage the Parthenon. We Were trained and we are waiting for the first mission, where Parfentius is to get acquainted with other Koty in the village. When He walked through the village he persistently did see the Cats, there were three of them: Vasya, Prince, Lukerya (Cat), first they do not take it seriously and begin to give him different verification tasks type: Run around the village for 2 minutes, 2 times, and so on, but soon they start Give real jobs for example Lukerya-go to the neighbouring village for a fish and bring us 3 and one to you, but be careful, there are many dogs. And Vaska gives completely different tasks of type: And let's not overrace with the Prince, or let's Go for a while you run with the rabbit and you will become the new champion of the court. Well, Prince has almost no tasks for us, only for distillation. Also do not forget that this game for children and there are all not as they seem-Evil, are good, but not the other way around! For Example, when the Lukerya send us a flower on the meadow, there will be wolves, but then it turns out that they did not want to attack cats, and just boars stole from the wolves something important. Whether it's nuts or acorns. Well, then we'll have to help the wolves. After We help the Wolves cats ask the boar, why they stole from the Wolves acorns, they have their own. Well, I don't remember what they said, but the boars were also good and returned the wolves stolen. In general, at the end of the game these cats will be a whole team. I Advise everyone to pass this game!