The Coin Game reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review Super Game, After an Hour Of game time I already write a short Experience Report: Anyone who ever Thought of on a Kirmes I have too little Money with around Coin Puscher, Greifer and Co to Games. Is exactly Right here. Are already beautiful many Vending Machines with in it for the, the Game not finished yet. Is. With its €7.39 that it Costs, you can't actually do much Wrong. Everything is Super Animated and Runs Super without Crashing. In the Game there are still a Few small Bonus Items. So you can drive a Bus and explore the Island. Or you can take a Spin on the Golf Car. I myself only have one Hour in the Game, but you can believe me there are many more. Just do Fun the Game. I am already Looking forward to new Updates for the Speil and a special Thanks to the Developers. Hammer Performance so far from You. I'm happy that there's such a Game:D:D.
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Microsoft from Russian
Early Access Review What are we doing here on Rusish Schwayan reviews? Empty? Well, I will fix))))) Plot: You are so all of yourself congratulated your uncle Happy birthday go to spend his blood guap. Do not believe where... In the slot machines a la 80s, such is the atmosphere of an endless children's Friday. What I liked: 1-some machines, in particular by the type of "build a tower of Tetris figures", very even arcade. You Want to knock out the headphones, which for the tickets as much as 20k stand. But The nerves are still more expensive, so do not knock them out) 2-what is no quest with the delivery of newspapers. You find a wheelbarrow with mail and throw in boxes on the map in walking distance. Easy money + 2 bucks for every newspaper in the box, easy Achivka and easy money for all delivery. 3-not very clever robots deliver outside the game room. Chasing such a person on loaders and accidents you in a festive face scare. 4-The presence of a hut (open garage) for the type of your prizes, a portfolio and a show of skill in the vending machines. Probably This garage will warm my soul, when the boom box for 100 to the ticket to put there. To Show this good truth nobody, to amuse the ego is not))) 5-Buses for PAKKATAI ME, PAKKATAY 6-while running in a free on a location find all kinds of buns, for example lottery tickets. What did not like: 1-the content there bored outside the walls of the game area, but sure-it will be added. Itgiia: To plunge into the atmosphere of children's slot machines-most of it, take. I Do not know exactly what, but this game has me. I haven't played it for 3 hours yet, but it's so nice to have it in your library. Always have time to go there and finish these damn headphones with boom box. Press F to pay to play