The Coma: Cutting Class reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
If anyone would like to have a little first Glimpse of the Game: "The Coma"; A Game for any horror survival fan who doesn't mind comic style (Korea lets salute!) AND has a good Portion of Text and Story. Unfortunately, there is no Voiceover, so you have to be able to do the long almost "visual novel" Style in places, but if you like that, you will enjoy the Game. Despite 2D Sidescroller Optics, real Atmosphere comes up, I just sneaked around the first Hour, and barely dared to use my Flashlight. We're staying in one or more big School Buildings during the Game, trying to figure out what's going on here-are we even dreaming? Why the Hell are we being persecuted? Again and again you have to pay attention to the Background Noise-do I hear Steps again? ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥, then nothing like gone before the female, busty Killer caught us! We Also have a generous Inventory with various Basic Items, a Map and Medis at our disposal. Not only Notes that push the Story are discoverable, but also Coins that can be used to buy div. items. I have my Fun at the Game and would definitely recommend it further. :-)
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Little survival-horror indé, the coma is not bad but suffers from a fairly important repetitivity (we pass the games to make round-trips in the corridors of the school, and avoid the creature that took the appearance of our sexy teacher XD). One embodies a young student named Youngo Machin (me I call it youngGTO, not bad wink eh?) who wakes up in a nightmare version of his school, we will have to explore these corridors that are all alike to find the goal that will make us go forward (or the objective in question will make you turn around to find an object etc.) We will find notes everywhere (for the background, information about teachers and other pupils, etc.), we will also find money for distributors (object purchase), & objects (to heal themselves, to recover endurance, etc.) in the Affairs of other pupils: all this is stored in your bag with limited space. There is only one monster in the game hostile towards you, it becomes of + in + powerful over the game, the system of life is done by "heart": at the beginning, it takes away only 1 heart with its knife when it touches us, later it has an axe that removes 2 heart , etc.), it's easy to Dodge it, but it's a must to make detours every time:( I like the overall atmosphere of the games, but I do not find it fun to play, it's a pity because the character-design is nice & the DA successful, but I know it's way too repetitive & the story has only its mysterious side to push the player to continue: normally that's enough but the round-trip phony that lengthens the lifespan for a nothing annoys me a lot.... A lot! I recommend anyway, objectively it's pretty successful overall despite the flaws.