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The Cursed Crusade

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Set against the backdrop of the Old World, two adventurers--both seasoned warriors--will quest across a Western Europe ablaze with the turmoil of a newly begun Fourth Crusade. Denz, a holy Templar, and Esteban, a roguish mercenary, may have different origins, but their motivations are the same: amidst the danger and despair of a new Crusade, to find the means to deliver themselves from a terrible curse that threatens to consume their immortal souls.
Key Features The Old World Burns - Embark on a contentious quest for retribution spanning five chapters and over 30 missions that promises to bring fire, death, and destruction to the great cities of medieval Europe.
A Templar Cursed - Transform the world around you into a flaming red vision of Hell, increasing your strength and your ability to perceive hidden things, all at the expense of your humanity.
Brotherhood of Steel - Split-screen or online, recruit a friend to assume control of the thief, Esteban, to join in the excitement of shared adventure.
Intense, visceral 3rd-person action - Easy to grasp yet deep in its execution, a weapon-based combat engine features over 90 combos, dozens of weapons, and a timing-based counter system.

Release date
Kylotonn Entertainment
1C-SoftClub, Atlus, Atlus USA, DTP Entertainment
Age rating
18+ Adults Only

System requirements for PlayStation 3

System requirements for Xbox 360

System requirements for PC

  • OS:Windows XP (SP3), Vista (SP2), 7
  • Processor:Intel Core 2 Duo, AMD Athlon X2, or equal to 2.0 GHz or better
  • Memory:2 GB RAM
  • Graphics:Video Card compatible DirectX 9.0c with 256 Mb of memory; NVIDIA GeForce 8800 series, or ATI Radeon 4870, or better
  • DirectX®:dx9.0c
  • Sound:n/a
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Last Modified: Nov 28, 2023

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The Cursed Crusade reviews and comments

Its unmatched swordplay driven by unrivalled motion capture can't save this game from being a repetitive bore thanks to the absence of special incidents and gameplay variety
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
As with The First Templar, I was kept at a Distance from the game for years by the Poor Gamestar criticism. Having liked The First Templar (74 Points in my Review) quite well, I gave The Cursed Crusade a Chance at €3.74in at the Sale and wasn't disappointed. Clearly, even at the Time of Its release in 2011, The Cursed Crusade has already come onto the Market in a lot dusted and has not been and is not yet completely error-free. Also Negative was that the Fights and the Levels are relatively similar according to Schema F And do not offer too much Variety. The Decision-maker, who has also decided that the Weapons, be they heavily forged large Swords or small Hand Axes, are only created for 1-2 Opponents and then fall into their Individual Parts does not open up to me at all and this includes the Head washed vigorously. You're more concerned with exchanging Fallen weapons all the time than focusing on the Fight. Clearly a wear And tear was also present in Reality, but not to this Extent, so I had to swap arms every Minute in the Fight. What I haven't experienced in my Gaming Career!!! But Stop all the negative Features, after all, something positive about the Game must be if I recommend it. What I found extremely successful was the appropriate Use of music in the Scenes and the strongly spoken Setting Of all those Involved. The Fight was very monotonous, but then somehow entertaining and also Fun, the great Variety of Weapons where you could cross many different Combinations also brought a breath of fresh Air. A big Plus is also the great Setting with Crusaders, Saracens and Demons, which I found really exciting and also really really appealing to the story. Clear The Cursed Crusade is far from perfect and also has some Quirks, but if you are into entertaining Temper fights and give the Game a Chance in the Budget area, you can be entertained quite neatly over a fairly decent Playing Time with just under 11 Hours. I found The Cursed Crusade more playfully motivating than The First Templar, but not so mature, which IS why TCC performs worse even with a Point. Rating: 73/100
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The Cursed Crusade is Fun, looks graphically nice, serves my Interest in the Middle Ages and doesn't really cost much (in the Sale) either. So a Lot of Play for little Money? Well, it's not so easy To say, I had 10 Hours of fun with the Game, the Sword Fights beautifully staged, the Movements (due to the heavy But really nice armor) fixed and somewhat spongy, with the Controller but good to control. The Locations are well chosen, but the Task is always the same, Demons back or forth, no matter In the Middle Ages many Cities or Fortresses were besieged and/or stormed. As Far as so "Thumbs up" Now I come to the Flip side of the Coin, what Material is the Protagonist'S Weapon made of, please? Wax? Drought Wood? Aluminum? Yes, of course weapons can break even when Steel meets Steel or Iron, but in the later Chapters I had, on the severe Degree of difficulty, a Weapon wear That I was more concerned with looking for it than I was on the Mission. Focus. A tactical Battle, Attack and Blocking, was therefore no longer possible at all. There are then also the so-called Combos, which are gradually released Bit by Bit by means of skill points acquired in Combat. Each Weapon type (Sword/Shield, Sword/Sword, Sword/Axe, Axt/Shield etc) has its own combo tree. Only what to do if you have not killed zb Axe at all and can only get them from the Enemy? And right here, and due to the not optimal automatic Memory Points, the Fun Of the Game dropped rapidly after about 9-10 Hours. I would have Liked to have played through this Game, but if a Game becomes work and the Fun becomes annoying, then it's better if you put it to One side. It is very difficult for me to judge, because the Protagonists, the Story, the Setting, the Graphics and the Sound generally promise me. However, all this does not help if you only fight your Way agonisingly through the Opponents (button mashing), despite good Armor (+ High-quality armor skill) losing Parts of them very quickly and at some point standing without a reasonable Weapon and Defense. The Points mentioned would actually stand for a "Thumbs down," but I still make my Recommendation, but at the same time I warn against expecting more from this Game. Lovers of The Middle Ages, Sword Fights and massive Armor, can dare to take a Look, provided the Game is to have been reduced. As an Alternative, I recommend "The First Templar," but I'm older, but has more captivated me about the representational Game.
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