The Dark Tales of Katarina reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
The dark tales of Katarina is a linear adventure game developed with the RPGMaker engine featuring a young woman named Katarina who desperately seeks refuge in a post-apocalyptic world invaded by Goblin and other creatures feeding mainly humans. In this assessment I will, as usual, raise the positive and negative points. These are my personal opinions, some people may not agree with my words. First of all it is important to raise the extreme difficulty of the game as a whole. You will progress in the world by regularly confronting waves of enemies in turn-based battles (until then very basic for a Rpgmaker's game), however you will find yourself from the beginning of the game forced to confront enemies very powerful and you will die several times probably from the first enemies. This type of gameplay "die and retry" may appeal to some players (fans of dark souls?) maybe. From my point of view I persevered to go as far as possible into the game. Positives. -The game is not in French but even if you do not really read the dialogues, you will understand very well what is happening (however a negative point regarding the dialogues is mentioned below). -A difficulty in combat that requires you to search the map to find items that are often indispensable to galate as little as possible lengthening the duration of the game. -Collectible steam cards-an inventory and skills that can be made nicely evolve during the game without having too many items in every way (as can be seen in some Rpgmaker's linear games making the game a heavy hair when it's badly done)-the developer promises us a sequel in a future update, it's good to take. Negatives. -If you have difficulties in English, it will be for you a complicated hair to understand precisely the dialogues because these have many translations erronées. In addition, some dialogs have not been translated from the original language (Russian). -The original music of RPGMaker (pity)-I do not know if it is a bug that comes from me, but I received almost all the steam successes of the game simply by launching it. -Physical inconsistencies with enemies and their skills (example: a huge werewolf with a huge axe causes less damage than a mere Goblin)-some mapping bugs that are not very disturbing except when it comes to a road that one does can borrow only in one direction because of a poorly made transition between two maps. One cannot yet judge the length of the game, the latter being still in development and promising new chapters in history (for the moment, Chapter 1 is quite short). To conclude, the dark tales of Katarina is a game that does not revolutionizing the world of the Rpgmaker's game, and that is in itself a game still a little ' empty ' and too linear. The very difficult side of the game from its launch ruins a little the fun that one could have in a linear game (the kind of fun that we find playing Undertale for example). This game is not bad, but still very simplistic and not successful enough so that one can attach to him as a whole (lack of descriptions, evocative musics, sound effects...). I do not recommend this game for now because for €3 you will probably find better to buy on the platform steam. However I am looking forward to new updates hoping that all this is corrected, and that new chapters are available.