The Disney Afternoon Collection reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Great thing, just pleased me this night. :)---The price is very good. I'm so fantasized that it will eventually be reduced. And somehow it is straight-through this very "chur"---Of the strange moments-these are the requirements in Achivki. They're some kind of inadequate lungs. Achivka-This is still an achievement, to which the player must make an effort, it is possible to train as much as there would be tension, excitement of some kind and in conclusion some reward. Though symbolic, but nevertheless. Otherwise, what's the point? For Example in the Black Cloak did not play 12 years already. Having Bought a collection, quickly in it has sorted out, got to play. Roughly remembering the game saunbled through the levels, where then the Pomer several times, somewhere extinguished, where something fell, where then even the hidden bonus levels remembered, opened. etc. In Short, in the mode of unhurried nostalgia Prokandybal game in about 35 minutes. I Get a picture with the passage on time, it is written: "Go faster than 2 hours" what is there to do two hours? What is this achievement? What Is the application of effort? This is despite the fact that there is a separate Achivka just for the passage of the game (for any time)---Of the pros-This is certainly an opportunity to pass on time each game and separately all the bosses. That's pleased me. As there is a common TOP-list of all players, and It is possible even to compete simultaneously with the selected video-passage of any player from the TOP sheet. Displayed separately time for each boss, you can see on which you are delayed, on what added the result, etc. It is interesting and I immediately fill in these modes. For the sake of such possibility this set, I think, it was worth to buy. Since It is not on the console and on the emulator and it is this mode I was taken in this case. -There is another gallery of various exclusive themed pictures, from the history of creating games and everything else. -In the passage is not for the time there is the possibility of rewinding back (as in Braid). I didn't quite understand why it was necessary. Perhaps that would be to overplay some of the not getting places in the game. In General, this set is recommended for everyone who loves these games and competitions and who do not feel sorry for such money:) Still, many still have these games on cartridges and there are consoles. Yes, and emulators with the horns are all available and this purchase will look purely almost meaningless. But I wanted to buy, and, surprisingly, do not regret buying:) The Authors would like to wish to consider the adequacy of the steam achievement. And Add to the collection "The Little Mermaid", what is the discrimination? :)