The Entente Gold reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
EU A DELIVERY BE ABLE TO RUN THE GAME ON WINDOWS 10 X64 BUT I DID. PAY ATTENTION HERE i EXPLAIN AS: the FIRST And it IS IMPORTANT to GO To C:\Program Files (x86) \Steam\steamapps\common\The Entente Gold \ (IS THE PATH WHERE THE GAME IS INSTALLED ON MY COMPUTER) SELECT ANTANTA. EXE And WITH THE RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON TIGHTEN PROPERTIES And GO To COMPATIBILITY: YOU MUST DO THE FOLLOWING:-Put IT in compatibility for Windows Vista. -Run program as Administrator and disable full screen optimizations. -Put apply and accept. Now we must do the following and the most fundamental. -To be able To play in the current OS you must download the program DXWND, run it as administrator every time you go to occupy the program before playing. -Once downloaded and open the program will appear a blank sale, you must with the right mouse button click and give to "ADD" (The program is in English). -You Will Open a window above this there are several options, it will open in "Main" in this window you must configure the following: In "name" You must place a name that you know is the game, then "path" you must place the following route C:\Program Files (x86) \Steam\ steamapps\common\The Entente Gold\Antanta.exe and in "Lauch" C:\Program Files (x86) \Steam\steamapps\common\The Entente Gold\Antanta.exe (both link paths are those that my PC has installed the game by Steam and by default). -Then in the "generic" part, you must leave only selected "run in Windows"-Then the part of "position", where it says monitor put "1", then where it says "W:" Add the following number "1280" and "H:" must add "768" (These numbers are the resolution of the Screen, unfortunately the game does not support playing it in fullscreen mode. -Now go up to the section "Video" in the column "Windows Halding" There should be nothing selected. -In the "Initial Virtual color settings" option, you will select the "current" option. -In "Color management", there should be nothing selected. -In "Screen resolution", select "SVGA MODE". -In "Windows size & Floating" must put the option of "floating"-Now we go to the tab "DIRECTX"-In the section "Directx version Hook", they put only the option of "automatic"-In "Emulatión", you must leave it in "Primary Surface". -In "Fieltering", you will select "Ddrraw default". -In "DIrectDraW surface Handling", you will only select "Flip emulation"-"Set texture pixel format"-"Auto primary surface Blit". -Finally where it says "Aero Halding", there should be nothing selected. -Before Closing the window press "Try" and the game will be opened in a window. While the game in the intro of this will turn the black screen, press ESC until the game menu appears. You Will See that the quality of the colors is like when you jugabmos it in XP and then in the Games the map will see it with its normal colors. It Can exist that when starting the game on a map start Pixeleado but it is fixed immediately and does not fail again. That's all. I Hope you have served them and will be useful. A personal opinion is one of the best war strategy games that for me exists. They Could have released version II where it deals with the Second World War. Best regards.