The Flock reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
0.6 Hours of Play and I feel like I've seen it all. That just mustn't happen to a Game. The Game principle appeals to me and I want to like "The Flock." However, the inhibitory implementation of this Project makes it almost impossible for me. But let Us work our way from the outside to the Core. The Presentation is neat. Interface and Loading Screens look nice and tidy. The acoustic Background-I don't necessarily want To call it music-is also nice, holds back pleasantly after initial Intrusiveness and actually creates atmosphere. I would have liked to have had the Opportunity to adjust the controls of the Game, but I probably overlooked the corresponding Part of the Menu. The Matchmaking is weird. It takes a very long time to have a Group together. Due to the extensive Pre-ensign reporting and the Get-a-Friend key action, I had assumed there was a significantly more Operation here. The Choice between three different Cards appears little, but ultimately makes no Difference, because the actual Game does not work. By that I don't mean it doesn't technically work, but that essential Elements are missing that make a Game out of a Level and controllable Characters. But there's more to that in a moment. The Graphic. A subjective Theme, but regardless of whether you like the Style or not, the Execution should be error-free. With "The Flock," that's not the Case. Numerous Objects are not neatly fitted into the Map, seem to sink or overlap. This has nothing more to do with "art style." This is unclean Work. The Same goes for the Textures. I don't expect AAA technique and 2048 * 2048 Textures, but already more than obmisgiven Porridge. Honestly, I would have liked to Have consistently decided against Textures. While The Game would seem more abstract, that would fit the Concept. The Same can be said about the Animations and Control of the Actors. They feel half-finished and jerky. Maybe you can explain that by a lack of Experience, but at no Point did I feel like I really had control over my "Flacker." Neither with WASD, nor with Pad. As a Flashlight Carrier, it wasn't that bad, but for lack of a Jumping Function, you roll through the Level more like a Spotlight on Wheels. Verticality is lost. The Abilities of both Species are fine, not new and certainly not original. Overall, I always feel reminded of the good old AvP II. Horror. I can't say anything about That. Even the hub world of Lakeview Cabin Is scarier. Whisper Sounds, "chubby" sound Sequences and Shadowy Throws Are unfortunately no longer enough today. The Actors seem like Foreign Objects in the Levels and at no Point did I see myself as a Hunter. Or as Prey. The funktioinert at DayZ, for example, is better. The Countdown. If the Game were to function as such, the Meta-level and the artificial Arc Of Tension would not be necessary. Sure, the Idea is nice, but what does it bring me as a Player? I have no Relation to this artificially installed indicator figure than I would be Afraid of the Consequences of "zero." The Principle would presumably have worked better if Conquest game modes worked in Multiplayer Shooters and it wasn't about "zero," but about which Species wins. I don't care about the "grand Final." I don't read a Book either, just because the last five Pages are supposed to be exciting. If it gets so terrific, Dear Devs, give it to me now rather than "zero." The Price. Everyone has to make that up with themselves. I've already spent more Money on worse Stuff and vice versa. I wanted to like "The Flock," but it can't. It feels unfinished, worse, immature. It is not a Pleasure and, in my Opinion, it is not a real Game. Unfortunately. Proposals. Hidden Play Is funny. With Horror Elements even more. Why not play "Among the Sleep" in Multiplayer with the "Flaky Mechanics"? Or horror movie teens hunted at night at a School by Freddyjasonmichael? That would be funny:-) I hope my Review helps. Let's talk to discuss it.