The Great Fusion reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"The Great Fusion" is a classic comic-like Point-and-click adventure with a socially critical Touch. The Year is 2022. The Gap between rich and poor has opened more and more. The Neighborhoods of the Rich were strictly separated from those of the Poor. We play poverty-stricken Developer Max Malowi, who has lost his Job and can no longer pay his Rent. A Murder Has happened outside his Apartment door, and so Max closes in on a wild Adventure. The Game is not stingy with Allusions and References. Whether Star Wars or Day of the Tentacle, References are numerous. Well-known People also appear such as Larry Laffer, Directors Woody Allen, Quentin Tarantino and Takeshi Kitano And Angela Merkel ... Sounds like a saucomic completely twisted South Parks style Satire. There's only one Problem: It's far from Saucoman. And this, in addition to the already mostly weak Gags in itself, is mainly due to the pervotous poltic Implication, the social-critical attitude, against which in principle not much can be said in terms of content, but which, under the Mask of the Comedy, bake so old, In petty-bourgeois and narrow-minded ways, they are just invited to Andrea Nahles and Alexander Dobrindt as entertainment highlights at a Local Meeting. The leaden humour, which, for example, exhilarates itself as flat and stupid as the Anachronists of all Backgrounds, seems to be just as flatty and stupid. Because the Artist sits in the Museum on the Loo and produces ... shit... Wow, there is probably someone stuck at the joke level of the 50s. And this is actually annoying that a completely justified socio-critical Approach gets bogged down in reactionary and stupid Clichés. The Comic Graphics are unspectacular, at best nice and similarly superficial to the entire Game. Between the Chapters, the Story is told to us as if in a Comicheft on Pages to scroll; A nice Idea. The Music is fine, but annoys after some Time. While It's a classic Point-and-Click mechanically, with Inventory and the Ability to look at, combine and use things and talk to other Characters, the Game is designed for touch screens and you can see that all the time. The Operation with the Mouse is quite okay, but often inaccurate and annoying. The Puzzles themselves are not difficult, but by the fact that they can only be solved Linearly one by one quickly strenuous and produce an unnecessary amount of Gelatch. Speaking Of Gelatin. The Main Character does just that. He doesn't go, he's lapping. all the time. A Tip for the Developers: If you want to create a Protagonist Who can only serve as an Identification Figure even in the Approach, you should not make it completely fun-free and powerless. Otherwise it will be very unsympathetic very quickly. Rating: 3/10 Atmosphere 3/10 Story 5/10 Graphic 4/10 Sound 3/10 Game Mechanics 4/10 Balancing 4/10 Game Pass Conclusion: Flachwitz Social Criticism? Please less of it. 4/10 Overall Rating