The Great Race reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Product received for free "The great Race" Arcade "Salki" on machines with support for local multiplayer (shared screen with split). Gameplay (single story mode): Gameplay (Local multiplayer): Fun Racing arcade game. The choice is made by any of the six machines. They differ not only in appearance, but also in the backdoors (invisibility, turbine, bucket for colliding rivals, jump, lightning). The game has two modes: History mode and free race. In The history mode we pass all 6 tracks + bonus level in turn. Each track in this mode is unlocked as it passes through. It is Necessary not only to play a match on each card, it is necessary to get the first place which is appropriated on the scored points. In Free mode You can choose any of the six tracks and compete with friends and bots (the seventh bonus to choose here do not give). The gameplay Itself is a competition for earning points. Points are assigned for playing in the Salki, for pushing opponents and for stunts. One of the six participants of the match becomes a sallian. He must catch up and touch the opponent. Those who play the role of runaway, get points for the time, for pushing and for the selection of the drop-off gear. The Saler gets points only when he touches the opponent and makes him the lead game. But it brings a lot of points at once, unlike what get running away. In Addition to the locations there is a special equipment that brings a special balance and unexpected moments in the gameplay. This is N. L. and a garbage Truck. Any machine that falls into the beams ni or captured by a garbage tank, transferred to the beginning of the location and loses 100 points. Special Equipment can quickly reset any player from leading positions to the last place in the match table. The Gameplay can be changed by selecting the mode "Zombie" instead of "Greed" mode. In This mode you just have to plant all, turning into zombies. This mode is not as exciting as the main one. Matches here are too fast, do not have time to enjoy the game. I liked the great Race. A Great arcade game in which you can play alone or in the company. It is Not clear how many players support local multiplayer, but you can play together exactly (with one computer on the shared screen with a split). At the same time, one controller is enough. The First player can play on the keyboard, and the second-on the controller. It is Stated that the game supports multiplayer on the network with the invitation of friends from the list (no servers, it is necessary to invite through the steam), but to check its operability has not yet worked. If you have a game and desire to try to play online, then leave a comment. You can read other reviews and subscribe to our curators. Welcome! 5 minutes of game