THE GREY MAN reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Do not buy this game!!!!!!!!!!! If you did it dont waste your time playing ! 1 lots fo bugs 2 simple as nothing i've pyed before, if it seems hard, well it's bugs just restart the game or reinstall it. 3 gameplay stayes the same for whole 3 hours till the stupid ending 4 no storyline at all , u just abduct people one by one and the longest part of game is movement between screens wich takes 2.5 hours of of three i sspent on it. 5 all improvments of the caracter is just speed of noving between boring badly drawn low res backgrounds. 6 they promised challenge - forget it 7 they promised interaction with surrounding- yea there are less then ten various items wich you can click but only two affect gameplay poorly. it's not worth playing at all cause they shown all the game in 1.4. min trailer. i regret paying for it
Translated by
Microsoft from French
Great game of exploration with the rhythm of funky music!!! Finally a game that comes out of the conventional mold of the ordinary Pow-Pow. The creators treat the audience as adults who do not need to be held by the hand like vulgar children without brains. I did not do too much of the mechanics at the beginning but after fifteen minutes of play, the subtleties were revealed very rejuvenating. I used to have fun as a child to discover the tricks hidden in the world to catch humans and to make the dog meat to saucer. And Kudos to the creators for the mirrors graphics adapted to the world today! If you're a little silly and do not like to test your intellecte, this game is not for you but if you are looking for a game chill, fun and that offers something new, GREYMAN is for you!
Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
ENG: What's The Grey Man about? First of all I must say that I just bought the game 'cause I love pixel retro games, then if you add the music it teleports you instantly back to 80's. In this game you are an alien just arrived to earth and even you don't know your own powers. You'll need to start with the basics going around and abducting humans and the more humans you abduct, the more powers you'll have and more map will be available. Just relax and keep on, sometimes you'll have to use your skills to abduct humans and sometimes you'll have to be fast. Just give this game a chance! ESP: ¿De qué trata The Gray Man? En primer lugar, debo decir que acabo de comprar el juego porque me encantan los juegos retro de pixel, y luego, si agregas la música, te teletransportas instantáneamente a los 80's. En este juego eres un extraterrestre recién llegado a la tierra e incluso tú no conoces tus propios poderes. Tendrás que empezar con lo básico dando vueltas y secuestrando humanos y mientras más humanos secuestras, más poderes tendrás y habrá más mapas disponibles. Solo relájate y sigue, a veces tendrás que utilizar tus habilidades para secuestrar humanos y, a veces, tendrás que ser rápido. ¡Solo dale una oportunidad a este juego!