The Horus Heresy: Battle of Tallarn - Iron Edition reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
So... I almost never write reviews because the Games mostly keep what they promise or I expect. Here, however, it is-if I draw the direct Comparison to Wh40k Armageddon in such a way that you just have to get rid of a few Words. The Game itself, I personally find for €10 quite okay. However, there has been very little Thought here about the Warhammer Universe. Clearly the Names ... Ok. Weapons Units Whatever. What struck me very negatively: The Music is the SCHLECHTESTE that I have ever had anywhere. It seems as if one has tried to copy that Of Warhammer: Chaos Gate and failed neatly. -Strike Chance of one's own Units lies well behind that of the Enemies. -The Exe Predators have a funny Weapon that has a Blastradius, always hits and causes 1 dmg. I didn't experience it once that they missed, no matter how far away the Goal was. -It is not explained anywhere which Terrain is good or bad. Only a Motion Malus is added up. Fortresses-clear. But otherwise?! Cons-The Damage calculation for me is:????? When hit, why does a Knight sometimes tear a Siby Neednought into Pieces with a Shot and very much more often 80% of the Shots do not hit and when, they often only target 1 dmg, while the Opponent almost always hits and very often does a lot of Damage. -The Weapons are completely senseless. The Names are great ... Bravo:D But the Values ... What do they do. In My Estimation, AP or Strenght do virtually nothing. I can defeat a Landraider with a small Multi-laser As well as a Thermal Cannon. What does the Rate of Fire do?? At the Beginning of the Game it often came to the Situation that I made a Landraider flat with a little Leman Russ, because he still had a shady Bolter in Action. The Landraider, however, only Quad or Dual Linked lascanons. -The Melee Attack of the Opponents is many times stronger than your own, so for example an enemy Knight 3 can make of my Platt while I look doof from the Tube. This is especially bad if you only have 2-6 Units in some Missions and are allowed to compete against a sheer Mass. -The last Missions all run under a rather hard Time Limit, which makes the Imbalance of the Hit rate/random Damage calculation to partially impossible actions. I at least ARGE had Trouble mastering only the penultimate and Final Battle. That's where I often failed at the Time. -Only the Enemy may enjoy the Cybots or Victories Robots. These have a fatal Melee Attack and also have heavy Armament, they endure an incredible amount. -Shooting and Moving diminishes the Hit chance, DENKE I, it feels that way, but that's not explained anywhere either. In many Missions, you have to Fire on a Target with your entire Team to bring it Down, while the Enemy Dissects my Tanks like Paper soldiers. Often you then rely on Lucky Hits and should save there immediately, because something like that is quite rare. In the Third Leg of the Game, I had to start or reload from scratch extremely often. -The AI is grotto bad, but it doesn't have to be good imho either, because it has an incredible number of strong Units at its disposal. -The only truly profitable Unit is the Malcador Tank, the Knight as a Fire Catcher and of course Bane/Fellblade as well as the Titans and the Basilisk, which only the Traitors have. -Why is the Iron Circle running around Without Perturabo?! -The Line of sight is annoying, as the AI always seems to see everything, at least its Long Range attacks make that clear. All in all, it's just a warhammer game ... And for that reason alone, I already had to play it. It's fun, but it's very monotonously annoying and sometimes the neck Hair presents itself before bad Research. Still, I played with both loyals and traitor and the missions. The Graphics I think are OK, so do the Animations. If it does not bother anyone that all Warhammer Game Mechanics have been rotated and mixed by the Meat Grinder, he will enjoy this Game if he liked Armageddon or Sanctus Reach, for example. However, If I had to compare it to Armageddon, I would say that Arma min 10x is better. I played through that times, every Addon and vanilla. Horus Heresy I will now delete:D