The Horus Heresy: Betrayal at Calth reviews

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Early Access Review Who would have thought a Warhammer 40k title for VR would be released so quickly! I have been a Fan of the 40,000 universe since I Was a teenager and have dedicated eternal Hours to the Tableophobby myself. I am All the more pleased now! The Horus Heresie Is an important Part of the Warhammer 40k universe. During this Time, many Space Marines loyal to the Emperor betrayed their Brothers and entire Orders have turned to Chaos. The Chaos Marines. In this Game, we follow the Betrayal of the Word Bearers out of sight of the Ultramarines. The Betrayal of Calth. In the Early Access issue, unfortunately, only the first Act of History is sentible so far. This one begins with a tech priest recognizing the Beginnings of an Invasion Of Chaos Marines ... Basically, the first Act is the Tutorial By learning how to arrange the Units around and teach them basic Mechanics. The Game itself is a simplified Version of the Tabletop (which I am very happy about!), but here the Units move on Hexagon Fields and not freely on the Battlefield. Every Character here has Action Points with which he moves and fires. Any Unit can move and shoot twice in any combination So you can move and then shoot or shoot and then move and so on. What sets this Game apart from other turn-based GAMES such as XCOM is that every Time the Player's character/units move or shoot, it's the Opponent's Turn with the first Unit and so on. The Player stands in the middle of his Army and can comfortably teleport himself around the Battlefield. Any Commands he can give his Men are convenient to use via the right Touchpad. The VR variant already feels very round. The Animations of the Character are very good, Graphically you could improve here and there a bit, Damage models on the Armor for example. Also some Sound Files are a bit bleak, the Bolter doesn't sound strong enough in my Opinion. Also could be Filings via cover, for Example. Appear a little clearer. Unfortunately, the Game under my Vive sometimes buoyed on a GTX 1070 and with fast Head Turns it happened that the Display flickered slightly. And I have to emphasize the eternally long loading times negatively. For those who like Warhammer 40k, Betrayal at Calth is recommended. Steel Wool Studios has succeeded in transforming the unique Style of Warhammer 40,000 into a tactical turn-based Strategy game not only for VR. The Emperor would be proud! Addendum: After the last patches, the Game looks a lot better and the Performence has also got better. In Addition, there is finally more to do than just play the Tutorial. The Emperor is still proud! More Reviews of Moriar on VReview