The I of the Dragon reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
+ playable Dragons that are nicely animated + lots of learnable skills + massive Action-Virtually no Story I've played the Game to the 20 times on an old XP computer via CD. Now I got the Game on Steam gifted. After alluding to it, I can say that was definitely not a Waste, because the Steam Version comes with a completely alternative Soundtrack. He's more epic than the one from the CD, although I can't say he's better or worse, just different. The Music can be purchased automatically when You purchase the Game and can copy it directly from the Directory if you like. The I of the Dragon is an Action Game That can inspire any Dragon Fan. At the Beginning you can choose between 3 playable dragons. The red fire-breathing Battle dragon Annoth, the blue Ice-breathing wizard Barroth, or the Necromancer Morrogh, the Poison or Acid, I can't say that exactly, spitting on his Enemies. Magic they can all work. However, they all play differently, even if the Base remains the same. The Story is quickly held up. All Dragons are gone, except for the Player who starts as a Young Dragon and is supposed to save People from the Monster Hordes. To do this, all The Nests of the Beasts must be destroyed and the Cities of the People rebuilt. I have to say it could have been quiet more Story. Potential would have been there. The Monsters are very diverse. So there are giant Spiders a la Araggog, or Moths that might be from Godzilla, Zombies and Demon Like Wingfish, but also many newly devised Monsters. The Monsters can also eat the Dragon, because he also needs food and it doesn't matter if his Food is still alive or already dead. The Landscape in the Game is nice to look at and the Game also contains Terraforming elements. Spells Allow Ditches or Holes and the like to be fabricated, which disappear after a certain Time. Trees lose their Leaves or are immediately processed into Small Wood when the Dragons shoot at them. The Lighting Effects are Also nice to watch for such an old Game. The Game is versatile. Difficulty can be adjusted from 1-10, of course, the usual graphics and Control Customization elements. In the Game itself, you can also adjust the Speed at which the Game runs. If you get too fast or too lame, that can be easily adjusted. You can also select the Views of third person, ego or Cinema mode (Game character not directly connected to Camera). The Game works best on XP. Vista I don't know, Windows 7 is causing the Game some Problems. As far as I could see, the Controls cannot be adjusted. She also sometimes bucks when you overuse her with too many Commands. The Music was not normal, but had it played directly via the Files. For Windows 7, though, there's a Patch the Community provides. I don't know Windows 10, but I've heard from Friends that there are Problems with it.