The Isle reviews

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Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review After 708 Hours of Play in The Isle times a little Summary of what I think is good and bad about the Game. Good:-It runs fluidly, even with poor Internet Connection and looks pretty good. -The playable Dinosaurs that already exist are very convincing and recently you can adjust them back from Appearance to their Taste. -The Cards are getting fancier, bigger and more beautiful from update to update with enough Space for up to 100 Players. -The Updates come regularly and the Player gets to see something new again and again. -There are many private Servers that give you the Opportunity to play with different Server Rules of what you like. Bad: (Here I have to become a bit more detailed, because there really is a lot that burns on my Tongue and brings the Fun in the affected Places to a great Standstill.) General Balance between Factions and play-wise of Players:-There are very large Differences in the Survivability of Carnivores and Herbivores. Herbivores are currently suffering greatly from the one they have to live or survive compared to the Carnivore with a lot of Disadvantages. The Problems with this are, among other things, that there is no longer a Herbivore that could even begin to do something about the biggest Carnivores. -To take the largest and also > actually < strongest Herbivorous Triceratops as an Example Is already during his complete Growth phase from 4 Hours from the Cub to the stage from which he is considered an adult to inferior to any other Dinosaur and himself After 2 more Hours from which you are fully fully grown, one is the weakest Dinosaur of its Weight class, which can still be killed very easily by Groups of smaller Carnivores. There are hardly any Differences between the growing Times, the largest Carnivores Trex and Giganotosaurus have almost the Same Growing Time with far stronger Properties, which also continues in Comparison with smaller Dinosaurs. -The Probability as a Herbivore to find the Protection of a Herd before one is found oneself is very low, especially since the Players are sometimes very widely dispersed and of course anxious not to be found. Which in The end Means that most Of the time you can make your own, While Carnivores come together very quickly to Form groups due to their usually far higher Movement speed. -For Carnivores spawning AIs, Dinosaurs that are not Players, in their immediate Environment and serve to prevent players from Starving as Carnivores. Even the largest Carnivore Trex can survive fully by the consistently spawning AIs without ever having to fear starvation. Herbivores are forced to walk long Distances to find Berry Bushes, which are more or less not spawn And sometimes lead to starvation when you are in Areas with few Bushes or you are forced to visit places in Dennen you At the same time, Carnivores often meet. -The same Difference applies to the hatching of Eggs. While Carnivores, thanks to non-stop spawning fodder, Practically never have to change places in large groups, herbivores are forced to move on throughout, as the existing Bushes are simply used up after some Time, even with very few Players who share the Place. Players in this Game tend to turn a Survival game into a Deathmatchbattle, provided that they form fixed Groups through Discord and together hunt down anyone who does not belong to their Group. Such Groups unfortunately take everything and everyone to the Goal, whether it makes Sense, whether it sacrifices group Members and no matter what it takes to kill The other Players. Herbivores in Particular Are Targets that are very popular and mercilessly hunting simply because they are usually weaker and/or cannot run away. My Conclusion: The Game is quite a lot of Fun and I would recommend it despite the negative Points I have called for Dinosaur Lovers. At the same time, however, with the Warning that you can experience a lot of very frustrating Moments, especially since you invest a lot of Time for about, that can dissolve into nothing in seconds. As long as the Balance between the Factions is still so unbalanced and inevitably leads to the fact that as a Herbivore One has almost only frustrating experiences I give the Game the bottom line a Thumbs down with the Hope that soon a Thumbs up again from it soon. Is.