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The Legions of Rome

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Many years ago, when the Earth was ruled by chaos and anarchy, when a tribe crushed another tribe for wealth and to please the gods. In the cradle of the Apennine Peninsula a kingdom has been born, which will become the greatest empire and conquer all of the ancient world. So, you my dear friend will pave the way for a leader to become a legend.

Game Features:
1. More than 50 cities.
2. 7 nations to interact with.
3. Over 12 regions.
4. Diplomatic relations.
5. Research technology.
6. Campaign.
7. Sweets, music, save/load options, tips, difficulty options, ect.
8. And of course the funniest thing. Battles!

Campaign Features:
1. Unite Italy and Greece
2. Conquer the Gual.
3. Join Hispania.
4. Subdue Germany.
5. Suppress Britain.
6. Smash Carthago.
7. Seduce Egypt.
8. Put the East on it’s knees.

If you have any questions or submissions, then feel free to send them here: [email protected]
Release date
The Tambourine
The Tambourine
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP SP3
  • Processor: AMD Athlon X2 7750 or Intel Core 2 Duo E6700
  • Memory: 256 MB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 6600GT
  • DirectX: Version 9.0c
  • Storage: 120 MB available space
  • Additional Notes: Best performance and pleasure from game you can reach on 16:9 resolutions.
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Last Modified: Aug 28, 2019

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The Legions of Rome reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
What it's about. This game is to grow the dominion of the Roman Empire. Like the Rome Total war... But, this seems more a simple minigame, in which most of the game you will be playing a mechanics of another game well different (Eufloria HD), but worse implemented than Eufloria, and super simple. Just click, and drag. First Impressions. Everything seems, and remember, the (first) Rome Total War. The factions (here there are only 7), the symbols of the factions, the cities, the time, the way in which you have to advance by conquering points of interest (cities), diplomacy, even to the tree of skills. Then, when we go to fight in any city, we find some mechanics more or less typical of a flash game. Is This bad? I shouldn't.. But, there are many battles that are always the same map to fight. Same situation of small, larger towns,.. Which does not help to have fun, but the other way around, they feel like repeating and repeating the same tactics without any kind of strategy or fun. Music is a simple, repetitive track, too. It is Not bad music, but it is always the same, tired and bored when you take a while. The buttons. If You still decide to try it, and try to play a little... I explain how the game works. It is very simple for me, knowing Rome and knowing Eufloria (or flash games with this mechanics). 1-. Down on the left you have three buttons. 1.1-. The coins to choose which resource you want to invest in to earn more each turn, moving whatever you want to improve to the right. 1.2-. The Scroll is the button of diplomacy. To declare wars, peace, to give money to other factions, for example. 1.3-. The Wheel is the panel of the skill tree. When you win several battles and conquer some cities, then you will be able to investigate some of those options of the tree, only to have more and more resources every turn. I'm Not sure if you really need this tree, to pass the game. 2-. Above left is the button that tells you how much you have of each resource. 3-. Above right is a kind of wheel or nut, which are the options of the game. I Recommend saving after each,.. I repeat, always keep, after every decision. The game, when you want, you put the white screen, losing the save if you had not saved, and you have to restart the game if you start again/follow the saved game. How to play. Click on a city near your faction (in principle the Red one), which is supposed to be Rome, in the middle of Italy. Once you are in a battle, click on your "people" Red, and drag towards a neutral town "white", or another color for example "green". If the number of your soldiers, which is half of what was in your town or town, is higher than the number of people in the area you want to attack and conquer, happens to be yours, and you will have more soldiers increasing to win the Battle of the area. The game is to move quickly to several places, turning them Red, yours, and end only with those of the opposite color, which in the first battles is the "Green." When you remove the other color from the battle zone, you've won that city, and you'll have to-> Save-first, just in case, and finish shift later... 1 combat, or conquered city, by turn only. It's Not a good game. The game itself is not bad, even if it doesn't have much content inside it. But It is too repetitive (but a lot) in the battles (it is where you will be 99% of the time, if you play this), and fails randomly, from time to time, forcing to restart the game. I Recommend playing Rome Total War, or the Eufloria HD.. If you're curious about the mechanics of this game.
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