The Mercury Man reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Good indie, but not without flaws Bought the game on the day of release and went completely without coming off. Found in it a lot of pros and cons, which will describe below: Pros + Amazing Music, the Artiks really talent, in the final stages of the hotel and the train just to the goosebumps. + Incredible work of the artist, I can not believe that he drew all this one. Igor Levchuk-You are a good boy! + Atomsphere. The Scene in the hotel is something. + The Mission of the squire, they are even more similar than the story, but they are really interesting to fill. If all the action looked like a change of these screens, it would be just super, but as they say, the richer, and happy. + Pinups, they do not blow up the brain with their quality and sexuality, but they are and are implemented normally. By the Way for each kick there is a separate Lowpixel sprite (next respect to the artist). + Boevka. It is not strange, it does not strain (only in the beginning). A little jig can be run especially without dying. Of course, everyone who plays this game will have a question why the Boevka is not turn-based, but knowing how heavy it is in the design, implementation and balance, you can make a discount-all the same game did 3.5 people and streamer. + System of balls and special cartridges, it is cool, animations are good, and most importantly-it really needs. Cons-Kabanyi trip by car, uuuuuuu, how I hated them. In the first chapter, you think, "Hmm, cool." In the third, you are just push more on the buttons, trying to quickly skip the trip. In the ninth, you just creak your teeth from the way this bean machine is barely dragged along the square streets. I am not an idiot, I understand that the point was to go and Balot from the Muse, thus artificially tightening the gameplay. But there are a few but-on the radio both stations to put it mildly not much. If "1984" is just an electron that at first even relaxes, then the second channel, it's just "24/7 WE are DRALI CABANA". The Car, by the way, can not be rotated by 180 degrees, but only left/right through the Turntniki (who already played will understand), but after we visit, for example shop, it can suddenly turn around, and to get to the house at 5 meters you have to do a circle, ( Or rather a square). In Short, the car and travel in this game do not cause any positive emotions, only the desire to die with a clamped button W or to push the boar. -Until you understand that you need to aim at your feet, not in the body, you will burn with a strange scatter. -* spoiler * Wife as a tool immersion in the plot and atmosphere does not work because we know too little about her and too little time with her spent, one two scenes with her, on the semblance of a scene from a hotel or train and it would have worked, and so I just don't care about it , on the first day he had a colleague in his panties-Information in the computer nothing but what describes the desired character, does not give. Everyone expected it to come in handy, for example, when questioned, or to catch someone on a lie. Well This is, of course, a Subektinyj minus. -I had no empathy or hatred for the mercury people. In the game too much attention is paid to the shooters with a monotonous end, but there is not a single location, the passage of which is completely tied to the dialogues, through which we could think of Mercury people. It doesn't let me get into a problem that would seem to be basic in a game with that name. So The final twist doesn't make me cold or hot. * Spoiler * Twist with a mutation of 10 times more interesting and unexpected-Speed battles. Well, you won't understand. I do Not know why and why it was done. But be all one and a half times faster to shoot and run would be twice more fun. -As They say, in a good memes should be a little bit of sense and a little rusty, but it does not concern the games. No, here explain how you can seriously perceive the plot, when one of the missions-is the Murder of a footballer, to whom the Razrabochtik apparently feels burning hatred. And This is with the fact that the game has a lot of funny tricks and more subtle jokes, woven into the plot and environment, which only two prostitutes are near the business center. All this beats the atmosphere and perception. On the site of Mehsoft I would have all frankly the content would have shifted to some additional tasks. Cons turned out more voluminous, but it does not mean that the game is bad, just throughout the game I saw that even nothing especially adding, but simply carving out or putting some content, could be a great Russian nuary product. So Far this is only a good attempt. If you talk about the game briefly: it is clearly better than the first pancake of these developers. And Yes, I think it's worth the money. But not ruble anymore. Once again a huge respect khuzzhnick and composer. Hopefully the next game will be even better. Good luck!