The Panic Room reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Difficult for this Game to write a suitable Review. After a total of 7 Hours of play, I would rather give a Ja/no Rating. Absolutely extreme minus Points for the Game: Rip-off! With this Game they try to scoop Money up. Why do I explain below. -It is always the Same Spaces and also the Objects you have to look for are always the same. Variety equals NULL-It's nowhere explained how to play the Game. No Tutorial nothing, no Explanations of how the Items work or how to crack the Safes in the Rooms. Let alone what you can do with the Keys found. I have researched the Internet and unfortunately there is also to be found there. I figured out most of it myself just through Experimentation. But since every Pass runs under ZEITDRUCK, Experiments are always very expensive! -Max. 15-30 Minutes free Game time per DAY! Everything else has to BE done! Benefits of the Game that also make me start this Game again and again. --Beautiful Atmosphere-The Feature Puzzle Parts makes it a bit more varied, offering a dimble Image and Puzzle elements. -Once you've got the Hang of it-for Hidden Object fans, the Game is definitely something. The Story is trimmed to Horror and that's also noticeable in the Rooms. Once you click, there are Penalty points and that can then be Gunshot injuries from a misclicked Weapon etc .. So already quite fun. But the Negative Pages of this Game can already be found More often than the Positives. So I regret having started the Download and I keep thinking about uninstalling the Game. You have been annoyed about it a lot. Whenever you get really into The process and find Fun scouring the Rooms for Puzzle Pieces, it's no longer called life energy, do you want to buy a Medication now? After all, only cost xyz Euros?!? And that comes every 15 Minutes, which means either pay or wait until Morning so you can keep playing. This totally reminds me of the brazen Money Rip-off of Dungeon Keeper 3. In addition, Utopian Gold Coins are charged prices for Rooms. Usually, you get 2 gold coins every 3 Real-life Days once you have received another freedom point. A Room costs as many as 50 Gold Coins! And these Coins are also needed for Medication and the Quests. So actually the Game is not free to play. You will be forced to pay and buy such Gold Coins. I'm honest I'd rather pay a few Euros for a finished Game that runs without Any problems afterwards. This subliminal Rip-off, I just find Substative. I've always been sitting snorting in front of the Screen when this "Hey Number will" message come Back. My Conclusion: Intersal Game, if you really only want 10-15 Minutes short something to gamble. So Casual Gaming. Anything Else is absolutely not possible here.