The Revenge of Johnny Bonasera: Episode 2 reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Genre A Short Point ' n ' Click Adventure Story The Story starts right where Episode 1 ended. Our Mother & a Punk were kidnapped by Aliens and our House torched, our Hero "Johnny Bonasera" was arrested and is now being Interrogated. Now we have to break out of the Police Building to free our Mother from the Hands of the Aliens. Before the Main Story starts in its own right, we play a Comic Hero who enters an Alien Spaceship and is also held captive there. Gameplay As usual in The Genre, we click through the different Rooms, talk to People, collect Objects, combine & use them to advance in certain Places. Achievements There Are 9 Achievements. These are all Story based and therefore not passable. Pro/Conta + Nette Comic/Cartoon Graphic + Good Music + Good difficulty + Achievements + Humorous Conclusion Episode 2 is just as good as Episode 1. A Little Hidden Gem in Genre
Translated by
Microsoft from French
A little adventure game in episodes, TROJB is especially the opportunity to entertain themselves with a crazy scenario, to situations as wacky as the characters encountered. For the time being, two episodes have come out (and others are still planned: Episode 3 is currently being made according to the author), and each of them is a real small success. TROJB is logical, original, very well thought out, pleasant, and can take much more time than you can believe if the player does not think to do a specific action (always full of common sense when thinking about it)... Graphically, TROJB is not a turie worthy of AAA ranked games, that's for sure. Close to a Flash game in aesthetics, it is nonetheless remarkably animated, varied and finally quite rich. Musically, TROJB "does not break no more than three Paws to a duck", given the use of classical music with MIDI sounds, but the ensemble remains coherent and particularly adapted to the game. These artistic aspects can be surprising at the outset, but the player gets there very quickly, especially this still remains very cleanly realized. As for the scenario, episode 2 resumes directly after the first episode (although, initially, the player will have something not to grasp the direct link), and remains as original and entertaining as the first opus. Symaptic gags, grotesque situations, impactful dialogues,... all for an adventure that will take between 30 minutes (for players who will look for a solution on the net) to more than one hour (for those who seek by themselves). As for the gameplay, everything is intuitively done with the mouse, like any real point & click. Nothing to complain about, so everything is classic in the interface and the actions to be carried out. TROJB is therefore certainly an episodic game very strongly advised to all adventurers in search of delirious entertainment, without great depth but of great originality and quality of humor. Excellent title that makes hope one or more suites equally tasty. Do not hesitate to support this excellent amateur game.