The Shape On The Ground

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This software is an interactive experience intended for psychological evaluation purposes. Patient must explore the environment at their leisure and answer every of the ten questions of the test before proceeding to the self-reflection portion of the software.

Once completed, clinical staff must take note of the thoughts and impressions of the patient in a debriefing session.

Make sure to provide patient with an adequate testing environment, free of noise, bright lights or other distractions, during the entire test duration. It is recommended to make the patient wear the clinic-issued headphones during testing, as sound is part of the experience.

Remind the patient that, for each question, they must choose between the three answers offered the one that best reflects their first impression of the scene encountered.

Also tell the patient that there is no need for lies or subterfuge, otherwise the results of the tests might provide an inaccurate portrait as a result.

Please report all results of the test to an examination supervisor using the standardized form 42-B, bundled with the software.



"[...]a thoroughly bizarre experience with some very striking imagery and a very unsettling atmosphere throughout. [...] Strap in for this cleverly crafted spooky psychological evaluation." - Free Game Planet "[...] a different type of experience – a very creepy, interesting experience where you wander around a strange, dying town. [...] Shape on the Ground will mean something different to everyone – much like the pictures you are presented with, it’s completely up to your own interpretation of it." - Rock Paper Shotgun "[...] this a well-built adventure set in a place that's quite enjoyable to explore." - PC Gamer "[...] a very exciting thing to invest in for ten minutes. Not only is it an unusual idea but also [has] a pleasant atmosphere." - plnehry.idnes


Software contains extensive death ideation. If patient is sensitive to such subjects, it is advised to refrain from taking the test.

Patient must complete the experience in one sitting, with a projected total duration of about 20 minutes.

Mature themes and imagery will be encountered, but the creators believe the experience is appropriate for online media platforms.



W, A, S and D to move around
Mouse to look around
1, 2 or 3 numerical key to answer questions when prompted
ESC to quit the application immediately

Programming, additional modeling and music by Somewhat.
For full attribution credits, please read the .txt file bundled with the software.

For press contact, or to submit your 42-B forms, please use :
[email protected]



This software was designed for entertainment purposes only. Somewhat Software staff is NOT qualified to give medical opinion, and any such communication (through the software or through forms 42-B or 73-D) is meant only to amuse. Somewhat Software cannot be held responsible for any mental distress experienced through the use of the TSOTG software or its forms 42-B or 73-D.


Builds for MacOS and Linux are offered here, based on manifest interest on past titles. But please note that it is not possible on our end to do even basic testing on those versions, so there is a distinct possibility they might not work properly.

Please contact us if you come across any issues with those versions and we will see what can be done (if anything) to help create stable builds for those systems.

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Last Modified: Jan 9, 2019

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