The Sun Will Rise reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
A nice idea that however was not to be made through an RPG The game (although maybe it is not to be considered a real game) has a really nice idea: even if you have to face the worst demons you're not alone, there is always someone who wants to help you. The problem is why make it an RPG? Why frustrate the player with horrendously balanced battles and forcing him to a point to do something that should have been scripted? Very beautiful instead the points where there are small environmental puzzles to advance. From the emotional point of view unfortunately it does not involve much, both for the duration of the game and for the unnecessary interludes of RPG, also some of the phrases of the "voiceover" in the most important moment of the story are totally misplaced, sentences made thrown them without considering who is playing. To Be reviewed as an idea to make it interesting. I would Not recommend it, but being free if you do not have better to do for 2 hours try it.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
The Sun will rise-not the most successful attempt to cross the game on Rpgrmakere with social problems (depression with addiction to substances). 1) Plot: We play for the captain of the guards who tries to protect the population of the town from Evil bandits. Here only bandits periodically successfully kidnap children as a result of which our hero turn away associates and he gradually loses faith in himself. At the same time in the story intervals (when the character goes to sleep) are inserted pieces from an interview with different people suffering from clinical depression. The Idea is in measure original, but performed crooked, because the weak fantasy plot poorly joins with the data of the interview, and without them it is generally written very naïve and boring. 2) Gameplay: All as in other games of the genre. Pay attention only to a little fun (when quests do not count), a relatively small and non-original world, plus IMHO not very successful tactical component, because the fights are somewhat unbalanced, especially in those places when after Fierce fight on us immediately throw the boss, not giving the opportunity to heal the characters. 3) Graphics and sounds: The music in the game IMHO came out quite good, the graphics are standard for the games on Rpgmakere. As a result: the desire to draw people's attention to social problems (like the same clinical depression), and the good promise of "The sun will rise again, and all be well", to Unfortunately in this case do not compensate for the weak gameplay and sluggish plot. You can Pass, but there are games (even with the social component) and better. 5 depressions out of 10.