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The TakeOver

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Release date
Pelikan13, Antonios Pelekanos
Age rating
13+ Teen

System requirements for macOS

System requirements for Nintendo Switch

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows XP SP3 and above
  • Processor: Intel® Core™2 Duo
  • Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics: ATI Radeon HD 4670
  • Storage: 8000 MB available space

System requirements for PlayStation 4

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Last Modified: Sep 24, 2023

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Cooperation Makes It Happen!
Finish the game in co-op mode
Not Afraid of Freya
Clear the final boss without getting hit
A True Maverick
Get 500 kills in the jet fighter survival mode
Harder Than A Coffin Nail
Finish the game in hard mode
I’m a Survivor
Beat 100 enemies in any of the survival stages
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stream #50: the stream where DNO remembers that steam exists (part 1/2)
The TakeOver feat Tim | #StruggleNation Gaming
TDL: TakeOver Switch OLED - The Takeover Session 2 - Turbo Drive Live !merch !goal
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The TakeOver reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review So the Optics and Animations snd very cool and detailed. That made me particularly good. The Gameplay can be frustrating for Beginners. I thought it was a bit unfair at the Beginning and found getting On As a Matter of Luck. But gradually more And more joy in Gameplay developed and I have already learned some Tactics to make good Progress. So the Game is challenging for me but still not too difficult. Unfortunately, it's still a bit short and the Story was quickly played through. But there is also a survival mode where you can train your Skills well. For Info: The Pickups are no longer collected automatically as in the demo version, but are collected using the punch button. The Sound and the Music are very successful and coherent. If you like Challenge rounds and are willing to play the whole Level again in Defeats, you can get very happy with this Game.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Early Access Review 16 Bit-2d-Brawler Gameplay in the modern Guise of Japanese Publishers who can't manage to give one of his eternal classics a decent Follow-up with 4 Letters? right. Sega. What Tekken Was for the Playstation 1 was Streets of Rage for the Sega Megadrive. An absolute system slot (Ok, next to Sonic) that was born on the Platform and still considered with several Successors in the Generation. With the 16-bit Technique, it was possible to conjure eerily large Sprites on the Screen for the time, which indefinitely benefited the Genre of 2d-Brawler. And the eternal Classic of this Genre remains Streets of Rage. Especially the second Part of 1992, with its ingenious Soundtrack, is what fans keep citing As the Favorite. The Game was relatively simple and repetitive in the Combat System, but just awesome, especially in the couch coop. Bad Guys with a Mate twisted never got bored. For a long time I have been flirting with the Game, but I have always shunned it due to the rather high early access price. Now I can only say: Quality has a Price! The TakeOver captures the Feel of the game of that time incredibly well, but offers a modern 2d graphics that I would almost call high-end. OK-slightly comichaft it is, but only so light that it fits perfectly. Along with the great Lighting Effects, rain and Explosions, the Game is just eerily pretty to watch. This is how you modernize a Classic, SEGA! It actually looks a bit like someone has recreated the original game as lavishly as Sony did with Shadow of the Colossus, Capcom with Resident Evil 2 or SEGA with Yakuza 2. Ok, of course, this is much less elaborate with such a 2d game, but we're also dealing with the Work of an indie studio. But it's extremely impressive-you can see that Megadive fans were at Work here! In Short: The TakeOver is already the wet Dream of every Streets of Rage fan, and absolutely recommended.
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