The Treasures of Montezuma 5 reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
It is really to regret that I had put a red thumb to "the treasures of Montezuma 3" because of its unacceptable regular crashes that altered the progression, even sometimes the backup. Although Montezuma's episode 5 seems inferior to me by its construction and its lower lifespan, it still remains an excellent game, and to the extent or unlike the other, it does not crash (in any case for now), I recommend it without hesitation. The overall principle of this match 3 remaining completely unchanged, I copy the specific paragraph of my section of episode 3 in this regard, before discussing the evolutions: originally posted by Cammy: gather 3 stones (or +) horizontally or vertically, and they disappear from the screen, and are replaced by others that will fall in their place. Some of these stones contain gems: its gems gradually fill a score multiplier gauge. so it's important to pick up a Max. In addition, depending on the combos you make (for example, eliminating red stones twice in a row), this will involve a "power" of "Totem", which (in the case of red stones) shall swing a fireball that will burst a bundle of stones. The yellow Totem triggers a short phase of scoring Maximizer, the green "repaints" some gems of another color... Of course, we also meet the classic bonuses that add time to the meter, the explosives that smash an area, the flashes that eliminate an entire line, etc... Regarding the additions-unfortunately not always great, brought by this episode: the game now offers a map, on which are successive "spots" each comprising 5 levels (each containing an optional key that one obtains by reaching a a certain score in addition to the initial objective). Once the 5 levels are curly, the finished spot will free access to one of the usual powers of the game... (Including totems, time bonuses, lightning explosives etc.). This logic of unlocking "over the entire duration of the game" is therefore very disabling in obtaining the passive bonuses in their entirety (while they do however the "salt" of the gameplay of this game). So it seems to me that this system gets shot in the foot, as some of the useful/cool bonuses (including two of the totems) will be available only far too late. Really a pity.      The lifespan is significantly shorter than for episode 3-may be because the game is less hard: sometimes hard enough puzzles (and therefore "blocants") of the 3 have here disappeared, in favor of little "challenges" much more affordable, and that will significantly slow me NS long. (A little less than 8h to come to grips quietly and unlock all the keys-against almost 18h to complete everything in episode 3... But given the price of the game, and the pleasure it takes, 8h, it seems to me finally fairly honest).      Here, there are no longer "stars" questions that are available/removed and will be redisposes of the powers that we want or not. Now it will be necessary to buy the passive powers (definitively) with gems, and also buy the upgrades in the same way.      The optional keys of the levels are used to unlock chests containing other bonuses, including active powers, which here appear (usable 1 time per table). One can equip up to 3 of these powers (by buying them using-always, gems) to possibly help on a level. For example by showing explosives manually, or by triggering a score multiplier by clicking on the item that will be consumed. But the levels are far from insurmountable, you will hardly ever need them.      Gems are earned by crossing the levels of course, as well as tokens that you can slam into a casino "bandit", which will help to further increase your purchasing power. (The "successes" to be won are also a good source of Casino tokens.) I'll finish on a little technical remark: the sound mix is a bit strange, and the volume of some sounds sometimes multiplies depending on your combos and suddenly rises in a rather unpleasant way. But aside from that, the game is clean, intuitive, ergonimic, very nice aesthetically and musically, and everything turns impeccably. In short, a little pastime quite pleasant and haunting, which despite the slight demotion of its balancing deserves still largely to be recommended-especially when it is sold at a modest price of €3.5 (or less)!