The Wolf Among Us reviews

Still mad this didn't get prioritized by Telltale. Easily their best series
Telltales best work by far!
Es el segundo videojuego de TellTales que juego, el primero fué Walking Dead, el cual recomiendo muy fuertemente.
En este caso, TWAU, me costo un poco entrarle al principio, creo que siempre me pasa con los juegos narrativos, pero después de una semanas abandonado y un segundo intento pude apreciar seriamente la historia y disfrutarla.

Es un videojuego, que si no estas acostumbrado a la narrativa o si no lo buscas, te resultará tedioso el poco margen de acción que tienes, pero indudablemente si le das una oportunidad la historia te encantará.

Después de haberlo jugado he empezado a leer las historietas de Fables. Increible.
This game made me read! comic books, but still.  I read the entire run of Fables after playing this, and I loved it.  This game gets an exceptional, but mostly so do the comics, go read them.
The classic Telltale formula, that never changes.  Consistency can be a good thing.  The writing is mostly strong, if a little overly hard boiled.  The quick time events are responsive, and there are enough twists and turns to keep you constantly playing.  The comic look is great, too.  
«Just one more turn»
The story was so good. In retrospect it might seem like a generic thriller but the story flowed so well. I thought Interactive games will be bland but turns out it can be good too.
The choices do lead to different behaviour from people but mostly the story keeps the same course.
It's a great game as a whole and I like the OST on the home screen a lot.
«Blew my mind»
This game about fairy tale characters is better than most crime fiction on HBO. 
«Blew my mind»
«Just one more turn»