Theatre Of The Absurd reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Unfortunately, this Hidden Object Game has been a total Fall And in The End I find nothing but a Point that was good about this Game. Especially after I watched the complete Concept Gallery ... It could have become so much more (and so much nicer) out of the Game. But all right, briefly to the Game: You play Mrs. Frost, who (why ever) is summoned by a dubious lord of lock to an old Castle where he lives with his Daughter. It's about the Hapsburg Cube, which occupies the Father with a Demon, then kills him and curses the little Girl so you have to save her ... (At least so about) You get Help from the broken ... Bell of God in the Tower, which wants to save the Girl so that she (that Is, the Deity of the Bell) burns into the Arm of a Tattoo with which to conjure ... (Yes, it sounds shamed, but yes, it went about that). Positives: The Idea with the "Arm" as Magic help to activate certain Things in the Game etc., is actually a really great Idea, but was somehow only used half-heartedly. You can end up with 3 Wizards, the first of which you use quite often, the second one from time to time and the last very little. The Spells do not alternate, you only use the first one at first, then you no longer need it, then the second one etc. Negatives: The Graphics are the Horror. The Background Drawings are nice to look at, the Figures are terribly ugly, as if you had taken a Photo and painted over it AND the Figures put on such horrible photo perches, which one has put on from these very old fun programs of Win95 etc. Knows. Then the Arm is completely animated in 3D for Spells ... That doesn't all fit together The Story is ... Honest... This is not a Story. Here are Demons and Gargoyles, there's a holy Bell whose Goddess talks to you, then Satan is summoned, there's a magic cube, then there's the Devil in the Theatre, but no Idea what the Theatre is for, oh and in the End we still throw Egypt and its Gods Figures into it, without anything related in any way. It doesn't have to be mega logically in such Games, but one can at least make An effort to ensure that such "Demon things" are also a little coordinated. I can't build a huge satanic Theater under which the Sphinx is in a Lava Cave ... It just doesn't fit. The Length is .. Well, 2.8 Hours for the Game (and the Bonus quest) is not long, but the Game costs regularly only 5 Euros. It wouldn't be worth it to me either, but therefore the Game length is probably still acceptable. The Hidden Obmills themselves are quite pretty, but in my Opinion also a little badly slurred, I can't say better. Of course, you have to look strong, but if the part you're looking for is so pixelated stuffed into the Background, then you just can't see it. Worst of all, I really felt the Story cobbled together ... And the Disappointment that the Concept art Looked so much better.