Theme Park Craft 2: Build & Ride Roller Coaster

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Roller coaster craft. Tycoon of the theme parks! Build & ride the scariest roller coaster! An addictive mixture of strategic planning and simulation. Build an ultimate theme park in a blocky world! Craft items, build and get to the new level of exploration!

Want to build a Water park? Scary theme park? Most awesome amusement park in the world ? Design it, build, craft interior and exterior items, build buildings using blueprints. Exploration of the amusement park world!

Rollercoaster game where you can design the park and ride the train! Build, craft and create thrilling rollercoaster tracks, run your own theme park and become a real tycoon! Best game for boys and girls! Roller coasters, carousels, virtual reality rides for free!

Theme Park Craft 2 - continuation of one of the best crafting & building games in the store! Create any theme: dungeon adventure, clown or recreate an Orlando theme park! Theme park rider for mobile! Use blocks and craft items to make your park look awesome!

New features! Start building medieval buildings or modern skyscrapers. Build a realistic city and develop the best theme park around! Set the train tracks, wagons and take the scariest park ride ever! Create a mini-zoo (zoo craft) with cute animals or even a unicorns (unicorn craft)! Ride a pony or ride a scary rollercoaster!

Set the hot dogs and pizza stands! Sell the street food, earn money and become a tycoon! Bring your girlfriend to the park! Invite friends, sell tickets - make a business strategy! Create own adventure! Simulator game with a little business strategy in a sandbox blocky world! Invite your high school friends or create a spot for a perfect date (like cafeteria, little zoo or cinema).

Place candy shop and pet mini zoo for the youngest! Design and decorate the interiors (design craft). Build a tiny choo-choo train tracks or massive rollercoaster - it’s a roller coaster builder like never before! Thrilling rides on ultimate coaster! Crafting & building games for free! VR rollercoaster set in a blocky world!

Decorate the attractions in theme park! Become a designer! Theme Park Craft 2! Become a tycoon of the rollercoaster industry! Be a princess of entertainment business! Build your own neverland! Let the boys and girls craft and ride a roller coaster in one of the best theme park games of 2017!

🎢 Build a roller coaster track and ride it
🎢 Become a theme park tycoon
🎢 Chat with npcs (not real people!)
🎢 Dating (date craft option) - meet the love of your life
🎢 Train tracks builder
🎢 FPS train & FPS roller coaster simulator
🎢 Mount and ride animals (horse, panda, pony, unicorn)
🎢 Make friends with other players!
🎢 Multiplayer (co-op) - coming soon!
🎢 Over 400 blocks, textures and elements
🎢 Furniture - interior design simulator
Crafting And Building Games For Girls Adventure
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Not rated

System requirements for Android

4.1 and up
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Last Modified: Oct 30, 2019

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