Third Eye Crime reviews

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Microsoft from Spain
Not even as a mobile game would raise your finger for this. A map. One or more targets. You Trace the path with your mouse. Enemies See you and persecute you. You can see where they're going to investigate because it marks it with a red stroke (oh! Thanks to the third eye! OLE by the screenwriter!). But Actually, it doesn't matter. The game is boring. Repetitive mechanics. The character and the enemies move, for some strange reason, like drunken zombies, shaking the arms from one side to the other (will it be by effect of the third Eye?). It's Not a game of infiltration. It's Not a robbery game. It's Not even a good puzzle game (although it tries to be a puzzle game). It Is A mobile game of those that you install free to take a couple of games on the bus and then erase without remembering anymore. And I do not think you do ' cutscenes ' in plan noir with jazz music to try to give a touch of quality. Here we come to play... And this is a hodgepodge.
Translated by
Microsoft from Russian
Game Description: Third Eye Crime is a puzzle in the Nyar style, in which our hero (and we play for the offender) to go through a long road consisting of eight episodes, each of which is more than a dozen unique levels. Our task will be to pass from the spawn point to the finish line by performing some tasks on the level (for example, not to be seen by the enemy, not to be shot, collect all the treasures on the level, pass the level for a certain time and TP). Each episode presents us something new and the game in the end does not have time to get bored. Pros: ¥ Music Made in the spirit of 30-40 x years (sorry sounds only in the menu and between levels) ¥ Achievements (easy and simple, but at the same time forced to go through the whole game perfectly) ¥ the Atmosphere of America 30-40 of the years is not bad even for the 2d casual game. ¥ Story Comics. ¥ Levels are not repeated and constantly present us with something new. ¥ The Game is designed for several evenings. Cons: ¥ The Game is moved from IOS and it sometimes affects the management and use of bonuses in a timely manner. ¥ Each time The game restarts, the music settings are reset. ¥ THE Game introduced bonuses and give them to us only a couple of times for the whole game in very, very small quantities. Probably in the mobile version of the game they could be bought, and there is no such possibility. In This regard, these bonuses only for the test if you see how they work, they immediately end. ¥ No Russian language (and in fat minus the translation on the page of the game with its description is made through the most left translator, even Google better translates) Result: that the Games with IOS and Android have long been released in the steam it has become the norm. But you want to see the normal ports of these games. Unfortunately this game is unlucky. Management podcasting, no bugfixes and other developers have never done and even did not remove the translation into Russian through the left translator in the description of the game. This all can not fail to delight. A Little bit to finish and could afford. But in general the game is not bad and pleasant to pass. Rating: 6 out of 10 post: If You liked this review welcome to the group you can see the recommended games, other reviews, as well as just chat in good company.