This War of Mine: The Little Ones

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This War of Mine is a game about civilians who are trying to survive during a military conflict. The game was inspired by the real-life Bosnian War.


This War of Mine is set in a fictional country Graznavia during an ethnic conflict similar to the siege of Sarajevo. The player controls a group of one to four characters caught in the middle of a war. Each protagonist has a unique set of abilities and weaknesses, some of which are hidden. Their goal is to simply stay alive. It requires them to scavenge food, meds, and other necessary supplies, keep their house warm during the winter and avoid the military.

By day, the city of Pogoren is filled with snipers who shoot at everyone indiscriminately. The player can explore the city only by night, though it is not safe either, as the characters can encounter hostile looters and marauders. Survival also requires crafting new items from the scavenged junk. One of the most useful items to build is the radio that allows the player to keep track of the events outside. To win the game, the characters have to survive until peacetime which may come at random times.

Expansion features

The Little Ones expansion pack allows the player to include a child in the group of survivors. It adds a new layer of complexity to the gameplay. The child is helpless and needs an adult to take care of him or her. However, the kid can eventually learn to perform simple tasks, such as cooking. To avoid depression, the child has to assemble new toys from the junk the adults have scavenged and meet other kids to play.

Release date
Deep Silver
Deep Silver
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Not rated
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Miraculous recovery
Either modern medicines work miracles, or perhaps some of us have really robust immune systems.
The school of life
It’s crucial that kids learn to survive on their own. What if we don’t come back one night?
No more tears
Nothing is more beautiful to see than a child smile and play again.
Everybody’s got to learn
Solidarity. That’s the first thing we have to teach to our children.
Our future
We made it! Schools will reopen soon. From now on, kids will live a normal life again.
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This War of Mine: The Little Ones reviews and comments

The game gives you opportunities to decide what you want to do and what you don't want to do, and then says "Wow, how could you do that? You are a horrible person. No morale here, you're just horrible. Now all your characters will be depressed, and at the end we'll tell you that you did everything wrong once again."
«Game over at last!»
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