Throne of Lies The Online Game of Deceit reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
For all who are wondering whether or not to buy the game, deserves the purchase, largely. Do Not be fooled by the graphics, have their charm, but as is normal, in a game of social deduction most of the interaction will be in the chat area. Who likes the visual style, like me, find it fun and not too fussy with the machine, while it is perfectly understandable that there are people who prefer a different style, even so, Hacedme case and give it a try, do not imagine the juegazo that You're losing. Said the worst point of the game, let's go with the rest. The gameplay is good, very good. It Is A game that will give me afternoons and evenings, for just 10 euros (which are worth two books), you need to know English, because in a game of social deduction, communication is the key to the game itself. I guarantee you that this game has perfectly dozens of hours of entertainment. The game is complex, it may seem overwhelming at first but in a day or two is caught, the balance is very good, and the developers are attentive to the community (not as in other games) so that everyone has a chance to win in each game. This is your best point, and it's so well implemented, I'm doing the review of a game. This Is a Mafia/werewolf game, a more classic style (without so much information Mascadita, you have to deduce much more and risk), with several innovations that make it really interesting, dynamic, and complex. From the beginning, you can not make a discard of roles with looking at a list of possibilities (as in Town of Salem, which you dedicate to go cross-checking), this makes you have to consider each claim as a risk between being lied to or tell you the truth. But not only that, a fundamental piece of the game, the king, marks the dynamics of the game, and this key piece you do not know if it works in your favor, or against you, even if you are of the evil faction (since the king can also be evil , without anyone else knowing), this causes everyone to distrust everyone, and ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ Adas in the back are on the order of the day. Finally, the evil factions (which have to be discovered, and they are random, ie, we do not know what we are going to find in the game until events are developed) can be converted to the good faction, so a player clearly avocado to that of Fense of this faction, can be secret an enemy the next day, without anyone can expect such treachery. As I say, a game where the twists are common, where you have to put attention and deduce through the tracks that we are getting the intentions of the other, where you can not trust your shadow, and where your skill if that matters. It Is A surprisingly dynamic game, because most classes can do several actions, some during the day; But especially, it is a balanced game, the evil factions are strong (and very different from each other) but they start weakened, and they need a few days to get an advantage; The good faction has it easy if the communication is fluid, and the right circumstances are given, but it is especially weak before manipulations of the enemy, or even a king who do not know if they can entrust his destiny; And some very interesting neutral characters, powerful, and well able to ruin the plans of the evil factions, or to end once and for all the hope of the faction of good. 100% recommended, even at its original price, a safe purchase for anyone who has fun with this type of games, and excellent quality. It shows the affection of the developers for this game, and I really hope they do more, because they have shown that they know how to make good titles.