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Everything in the world had its own course, and only the one who held the godly genius was different.People could hold a chess piece, and they could also be used as chess pieces; people could be brothers, friends, and enemies.In the emotional interaction and training, even the cleaner who was tainted with the mortal aura couldn't escape from this chess game.
In terms of plot laying and role building, we are more realistic. After all, Jianghu is not as romantic and glorious as some novels and literature. After all, people who have experienced life and death must not be the young man before.But because of this, the light emitted from the darkness was even more precious.
Fine Arts
Solid, hard and murderous look are what we want to interpret in this game, and also the art style we want to realize.In terms of role design, in addition to meet the characteristics of our Oriental system, we also pay more attention to the logo and difference between different characters, as well as the temperament of this role. Within our ability, we pursue an ancient but not dirty, stylish but not vulgar effect, and can reach a high degree of unity with UI, animation, special effects and other art resources.

1. under the basic operation mode of the war game, the game of the world as a chess enhanced the experience of playing the chessboard. The chessboard of the enemy and the enemy formed a battlefield layout, no longer like some war game where every battle had a long and useless moving period. In a short period of time, they could fight each other. The restriction rules of the number of action points (military orders) in each round also increased the depth of the strategy.

2. the topography of the chessboard:
*Various topography would cause barriers, collisions, gains, negative effects and other kinds of battlefield effects.

3. the unique chess piece design and playing method:
*The number of chess pieces that could participate in each battle was limited by the total number of points that could be used in the battle. Each chess piece role corresponded to the different number of points;
*Most of the close combat chess pieces had a "suppressing" mechanism, similar to the real chess pieces that occupied their seats;
*According to the direction of the stones, the attacks could be divided into positive, side, back, and different directions, which would cause different damage effects;
*The unique character spirit value, which was similar to the morale, would enter a silent negative state if it was missed. It was not only reasonable, but also increased the player's decision-making focus.

4. player as a chess player:
*It could use the unique global skill on the battlefield, and there were two restrictions, controlled and random;
*A unique "Scene mechanism" that followed the deduction of the plot and would appear in the scene and have all kinds of overall skills.

5.Roguelite factors: a variety of strategies have been added, including collection, playfulness and Roguelite factors that can surprise players;
*He got the professional chess piece's role name and nature which were randomly generated;
*The properties of the items and equipment were randomly generated;
*The events of encountering enemies and battlefield units were randomly generated;
*The products of each store were randomly generated;
*Most of the global skills hit the number of companies and which companies would be chosen randomly;
*The growth conditions of each element of a piece were randomly set.

6. warning of the hard core rule:
*After the enemy died, the props would fall on the chess tile, and if the props were stepped on by the enemy first, they would disappear forever;
*Our role will die in battle, and some of the props we carried will also fall;
*Most of the attacks were from both sides;
*If a professional chess piece died, it would disappear forever.
The last sentence:
There are still many other features and rules scattered in each link, but we have been following and insisting: the design of the features and rules must be based on the premise that it can increase the fun, pleasure, decision-making success, reasonable embedded sense, and not deviate from the core of the game, instead of making use of the hard ways as we like.
After all, it's a round system, and the operation of the game is not difficult. But there are many variables caused by the random system and the game understanding of the players. This is what we want to see.
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System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 7 or later
  • Processor: i5-3570 3.4 GHz 4 Core
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX: Version 10
  • Storage: 2048 MB available space
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Last Modified: Apr 29, 2023

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