Tiny Bubbles reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Product received for free Varied, visually cute and sometimes very demanding Game. The sweet graphic Likes to forget that this is a Puzzle Lega-which bears its Name Unjustly. It is not only Fun, but also SÜCHTIG and is very easy to bear despite (or perhaps even WEGEN) its simple Action or light Gameplay. The Game is Fun, offers employment for a While and certainly has a certain replayable, as it is just a Casual Game. No complicated key Assignments, which one has forgotten after a few Days, no problematic or Part of too difficult Tasks. ' Tiny Bubbles ' beckons with its simple Way of playing, but also the nevertheless demanding Tasks. Depending on your level, it depends on your own Speed, logical Thinking (Which Color is mixed with the required) or simply the Luck of whether you get the Bubbles you need in color ... Or whether a stupid Fish will make you a Dash through the Bill. Bring Seagerns together, keep Crabs away from them and discover the individual Levels themselves. In My Opinion, money well invested, you can't do much wrong, but I don't really like such Puzzle games at all ^^ Clear Buy recommendation for a great Game: 3