Tiny Wings reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Spain
The game is simple and addictive, but when it comes to game mode "flight school" is totally broken, you can feel how the 1st bird that is going to be always the same thought the hole mode feel totally overpowered, speeding up randomly and make it very hard to beat , I understand that this is to make the game fun and challenging but the feeling that it generates is totally the opposite, frustration, because this is fun when you can't tell how the other players in the game are coded, but in this one you can see and smell the code.
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Microsoft from Italian
Most of the iPhone games I play are a very ephemeral form of fun. Download, play for a few days (in the best case) delete. Tiny Wings is different. It's very simple. It could look repetitive. But it's more than the sum of its parts. The music, the main character, the graphic design, the simplicity itself and yet the challenge of mastering the hard islands... all those parts play a role. The end result is a fun little game, full of relax, innocence, a very sweet music theme and a nostalgic feeling from the golden iPhone days, when there were big hopes for the platform and developers worked with passion and enthusiasm without to many in app purchases. It's a joy to see this game updated again. After so many years, I didn't expect it and I am thankful. I changed many iPhones since I first got this game, but Tiny Wings is still installed.
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Microsoft from French
Simple, colorful, poetic all this with a soundtrack that fits perfectly with the universe of the game! Just one of my games prefer and I regret in no way the €0.79 for this games, unlimited lifetime.. What happiness! I recommend it to everyone! 😃 [edit] I thought I had already left a comment on this excellent game, I had already given 5 star and the, if I could I would put 10! When I saw the tiny wings 2 news on the net, I was expecting a new game, so I open the app store this morning and the surprise was huge when I saw it was actually the free v2! New game mode, the game and even more beautiful, more fluid, I rediscover it and I update this comment and I say a big thanks to develop! Big up and good continuation! (and he loves us, the proof, the game was translated into almost any language! Respect) [edit 2017] the always top dev that now optimizes for the iPhone X! Respect they are always present not as some who have abandoned their game for years!