Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint reviews

Just play The Division.
It connected me back to ghost recon series, it sure launched really bad, but with the recent inmersive experience, on top of the sales, it is a must for me. It is a beautiful game, with lots of different interiors, amazing gunplay (different sounds) and extremely fun to play with friends. 

It made me sad to finish the main story, one of the biggest surprises for me, i don´t understand the bad press.

I´m going now for wildlands!
«Blew my mind»
Ghost Recon Breakpoint if anything is the best proof that current Video Game rating systems (score) must die. Also, a reminder that RAWG still doesn't have an It's OK rating. Just good or bad. So I was wondering which one to use „Meh“ or „Recommended“. Stayed with „Meh“, cause that's how I feel, but couldn't use any of proposed tags, cause they're really negative :D.

The game got 4 to 5 out of 10 on most review pages and this is simply not fair. By default, if we wouldn't take prequels into account, it's an ok game. Even comparing to Wildlands it's just somewhat worse. Still, as a multiplayer, open world, modern combat sandbox it's still great and has a somewhat unique setting (Aurora consists of several amazing Biomes with human presence as if it would be invaded by Tesla of Google). It failed me to a large extent due to a somewhat cowardly and poorly written story in an attempt to dodge any potential controversy. Therefore story-wise it doesn't really fit to bear Tom Clancy's name but is passable as a shooter narrative in any other context. Visually it's stunning. In terms of mechanics, it's somewhat bloated, there's a lot of everything, but since when we're unhappy with a sandbox that has too many toys. It took something like 50hours or roaming and engaging in random firefights until I realized that I'm not progressing through the story and it's quite a lot of time to realize that the game is not entirely fitting my taste before going back to Wildlands. But I'd definitely stick with it for 50hours more if I wouldn't have such an option. 

TL:DR: One of the weakest showings in the series, but quite an enjoyable sandbox in a general sense. Definitely not a day one purchase, but after a reasonable discount, Auroa itself is fun to explore and new investigation mechanics propels that to a quite addictive level.