Tomodachi Life reviews

I didn't mind this game that much until I found out that it has some value and I was lucky enough to get a cheap copy of it.

My only "sim" experience before Tomodachi Life was Animal Crossing and I don't think they're that similar, so this review is for an amateur simulator player. The premise is simple, you create or download miis and have them in a building, they can interact with another miis if you're lucky, feed them, give them items and different apartment skins and that's pretty much it. Occasionally, they'll fall in love and in some cases, they get married, which I assume is the main goal of the game.

At first, it was fun, I enjoyed quite a bit making friends and relatives and give them personality traits and clothes that match them, but then when I was making my 40/100 mii I have a realization, that I was having more fun making miis than playing the game. There is certain charm to it, but it can be easily transformed into a chore, if I can wrap this game into a word it may be 'repetition', you'll be hearing or reading the same dialogues and interactions over and over, there are some "mini-games" or cutscenes (which come through dreams mainly) but they get old way too fast, the game updates its content once a day with new food, clothes, and apartment skins, but by one week of 30 minutes a day you'll find out that is basically a resume of what will be the game for the rest of your gameplay.

That said, I have some really good moments which I won't spoil and it has some charm to see people you know interact in a similar fashion like their real counterparts, although your fun is also dependant on how creative you can get with certain things, the game doesn't help you that much.

Maybe I'm missing something but from a mechanic and technical view this game falls short, it can be repetitive and boring way too fast and it relies a lot on padding with its daily mechanics, hard to recommend only if you're into rare game collecting.
«Disappointment of the year»