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Total Extreme Wrestling

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Step into the world of wrestling in World Total Extreme Wrestling 2010. In this simulation title, you play the role of a wrestling promoter, and it is up to you to steer your company to the top of the industry! You are in control of everything – deal with superstar egos, negotiate through wars and alliances with other wrestling promotions, and deal with the demands of TV networks. Do you have what it takes to lead your wrestling promotion to the top of the industry?Features:
  • The most accurate wrestling simulator ever made, including wrestlers with styles that can change and over time due to injury, age, or skill level changes.

  • The in-depth editor tools allow players to create their own databases, including a Quick Wrestler Creator.

  • The "Create a Product" mode allows you to fine tune a promotion's style to your exact specifications, from specifying how long matches are expected to last to how much appeal the promotion has to mainstream audiences.

  • User Characters allow you to enter the game world, and take part in shows, whether you want to be a wrestler, an announcer, or simply stay backstage away from the cameras. Grant specific strengths to your created characters.

  • The new title lineage feature allows you to pre-set histories for any championship in the game, allowing wrestler's old title reigns to be recognized.

  • The Game World Balancer automatically makes sure that there is a good distribution around the world of key staff like announcers and referees.

  • Advance Booking mode allows you to pre-advertise matches of any type for your upcoming shows.

  • All title belts have a prestige value, meaning you can try to raise certain championships in the eyes of the fans.

  • In-depth merchandise settings.

  • Promotions can now have up to three different brands within the company.

  • Fatigue affects wrestlers, meaning careful wrestler management is a key skill.

  • Drag and Drop Booking.

  • User Preferences allow you to maximize your ability to customize the gameplay experience.

  • Narratives allow for an element of storytelling in the game world. The user can pre-set certain events to happen on specific days, along with the optional ability to create a story explaining the event that will appear on the in-game web site.

  • Much, much more!
Release date
Grey Dog Software
Viva Meda
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Windows 98/ME
  • Processor: Pentium II (or equivelant) 800mhz or higher
  • Memory: 128 MB RAM
  • Graphics: DirectX® 9.0 compatible or higher video card with 512MB of Video RAM
  • Storage: 75 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card, plus the newest version of Windows Media Player
  • OS: Windows 2000, XP or Vista
  • Processor: Pentium III class (or equivelant) 2GHz or higher
  • Memory: 512 MB RAM
  • Graphics: 1024x768 display capable of running 32-bit color mode
  • Storage: 75 MB available space
  • Sound Card: Windows compatible sound card, plus the newest version of Windows Media Player
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Total Extreme Wrestling reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
The TEW Series has been around for a number of Years now and has improved a little. Let's get completely off the fact that an outdated Version is offered here, the Game as a Wrestling Fan quickly makes the game addictive. Anyone who has ever wanted to step into the Role of Vince McMahon, Ted Turner, Eric Bishoff, Paul Levesque, or (as a German Example) Michael Jakobi is well served by this. There is not much Competition anyway. The most positive thing about TEW, however, is that there is a whole Handful of Mods. Whether you want to play the 90s, the golden age, or a fantasy scenario, you can easily ergo yourself and simply install it by copy-paste. The extensive Editor also lets you create your own world Of Wrestling (although this can be tedious and long). So You start as a simple Booker, with no Job. You have to apply and at some point find a Post as a Booker of a small Company, or eventuel Even Headbookers. There you create the Card for each Event and take care of the creative Happenings in the Promotion. You can determine Storylines, create titles, search For new Workers for promotion (but keep an eye on the Money, you don't want to lose your Job after 2 Weeks). Some Events and unfortunately long Loading Times later, you can also start your own Promotion (if I have not started directly alsd Owner since) at the beginning) and start with It again from the bottom with Backyard Wrestling. Of course, everything is statistically structured and displayed, you don't have to expect great Graphics and if you prefer to get into the Role of a Wrestler, Grey Dog Software Wrestling Spirit Is also recommended. However, you can already spend a few Hours with this Game and it is also really interesting to observe the Development Of the Game world. If you want to get a taste of it beforehand, you won't let TEW 2005 down (free of charge) from the Developer Side.
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Okay, one forerus: I LOVE this Game. Since Extreme Warfare Revenge, I've been following the Series and consuming it, like Bureaucrats, their Excel Tables. The fact that I still have "only" 7h Playing time is because the other Versions don't run over Steam. Quick content: You play a Booker or the Owner of a Wrestling League. You buy or lure Wrestlers, create and demonise Superstars, decide for yourself whether you want to present aalsmooth Wrestling á la Lucha Libre or WWE moderate GZSZ. You can start as a Backyard League and end up as a Monopoly Company. Each Wrestler has different Skills to combine, different Entertainment values, Gimmicks and private Problems. Deals on Land also need to be created. PPV Carrier and TV Channels, Musicians, Merchandising etc. Everything was thought of in terms of content. Especially the built-in Editor is a true Desert. Don't you Like Triple H? Then put down his Skills, give him a Lifetime Contract in WWE and watch his Ego run down the entire League. Or turn him into a Benefactor, Indy Wrestler, Making him an 18-year-old or or or. Of course, for Licensing Reasons, there are no real Leagues or Wrestlers. However, you can get them for free on various Modding Sites. Now the Contra. -You will receive the 2010 Version, although there are already the 2013s. Why the Developers offer you the old Fruits, and not the optimized and more up-to-date version remains veiled to me. -Apropo Optimization. How can it be that the Game becomes unplayable (for me) once I want to enjoy the entire Game and not reduce my Scope Of play to America? Charging Times reminiscent of Gothic, a fluid Playability Reminiscent of Sims, if you only meet the Requirements of the Base Game. What Charging Times do I have to expect if I want to play 20 Years (ingame), and then new Wrestlers are created that put extra strain on the Computer? -If you decide to present the Game on Steam, why are there no additional Features? An alternative UI would have been enough for me. I repeat. I love this Game. Who it runs without any problems: Great! However, if you have Problems here, I recommend either buying the 2013 version on the Developer's Website, or playing the free 2005 Version, which is basically also sufficient and knows how to loosely bridge the Time for a 2015 version.
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