Total War Battles: SHOGUN reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from Italian
A strategic one of great technical and artistic quality. Fascinating atmosphere and evocative music. The very challenging gameplay, but also very satisfying and with that rare effect "the hours fly"! Even the longevity looks good ... the screens are quite long, and looking at the map, they look so much too! And there is also the multiplayer mode !!! Respectfully the plot ... appreciable the effort to make it exciting, even if then emotionally does not do the job he would like to do!  difficult to give a vote to this game ... it would deserve 5 stars, given that such well made games are a rarity on iOS ... but the relatively high price and the gameplay suitable only for sophisticated palates, leads me to think ke deserves 4 stars and a half, but I go down to 4 stars because the game already costs a lot, and then you put the odious system ke to accelerate the slow growth of the potentially you have to buy credits with real money :( .... !!! Cmq vabb ... you don't have to hurry to play this game, so upgrades can wait :) Great game. Highly recommended ... eye for ... not easy!
Translated by
Microsoft from French
As the title shows, this Shogun is a "spin off" of the series Total War and while taking these codes history away from the gameplay mechanics Pc! Taking the form of a "tower defense", this battle is inscribed in a line closer to a settler for the cost management of buildings, than a real total war! In combat, the units can only advance in front of them and diagonally, the game prohibiting any movement back which can be very frustrating when one of your groups is blocked by a building or an element of decor! The combat engaged, no element of strategy is really taken into account, then fight the soldiers present on a square juxtaposing that of the enemy, the strongest weakest massacres However, after several hours of play, it is necessary to make The glamor of the gameplay and the realization works very well and gives a pleasure of game. It is thus always so exhilarating to see his Yaris impaling a rider or a samoura of the archers! Cot son, the music of the previous version Pc act of presence and remain always an auditory rgal.  In the end, whether one is amateur or not of the English series of "The Creative Assembly", this "Total War battle" offers enough quality to be tempted and spend a few hours on it. Only its price, quite expensive for a game IOS, tarnishes the record of this little title very successful!