Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity reviews

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More Reviews can be found on my Curator Site Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity IS a Top-Down Action RPG in the Style of Ys Oath in Felghana/Origin And very much inspired by them, so you can almost speak of a Clone. Therefore, there will be many Comparisons to Ys in this Review. Gameplay Touhou SC is like an Action RPG MENTIONED above, so the Battles take place in Real time. Attacks include a simple Attack sequence And a wide Range of Skills. Up to three Skills can be equipped at the same time. The Skills cannot be used arbitrarily because they consume Energy. However, This quickly replenishes, so skills can be used very frequently. Skills can also be Easily connected to a Combo, which allows you to quickly take many Hits in a row. There are also magic Skills with their own Energy Bar. If this is full, a very strong Attack can be used. These are far too strong in later But absolutely necessary, especially in The first boss Fights. Furthermore, there is a Jump Attack, but it is not to be used as an Attack, because, firstly, it is too weak and, secondly, untargeted. However, It is suitable to go through a Level quickly, as it is incredibly fast with it. The Levels are not completely linear, they more often offer several Paths. They are also variously designed. The Levels are graphically very different from each other and in terms of playing, they also offer different Challenges. The Exception here is the Endgamedungeon. This consists of 20 Levels, which look exactly the same and play exactly the same. Much more could have been done There. More Variety would have done well in the Boss Fights, too. Most Boss fights (down to 2) play exactly the same. Soak Attack and attack quickly. The Bosses differ only which Bullet-patterns they have and otherwise no further. Here, one should have been much more oriented towards the Proposal. On the Difficulty: The Game is very simple. Only the Final Amebosses represent a small Challenge, as they have far too many HP and you have to pay a little more ATTENTION. You can set a Bullet-light Mode, but it doesn't change the basic Mechanics. Death is also not Punishments. You lose some Money (which you don't need anyway) and you get reset to the Beginning of the Level. However, the Level itself is not reset, so you are quickly back to where you were. Compared to Ys, the Game can also be easily created by Beginners and is a good Entry Into the Genre. Graphic The Graphic is at simple PS3 Level. The Models look low resolution and the Textures are not the Most High-resolution. The Image is filled by Blur and Bloom. It's all very bright and luminous. However, These Filters can be switched off in the Graphics options. However, The Frame Rate is very inconsistent. On my System (i7 4790k, 16GB RAM, GTX 1070ti) it fluctuates from 40-60 FPS. You can feel that a lot in the Gameplay. It all seems very jerky. Sound The Sound Effects are kept very simple and not particularly outstanding. However, You get along well when you get hit that this Has its own Sound effect. The Music is in typical Touhou Style and fits the Game. With a few Exceptions, however, nothing that stands out very much. Ys clearly has the edge. Verdict Overall, Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity IS a thoroughly solid Action RPG. It has its Weaknesses in Gameplay, but nothing that makes it unplayable. While it doesn't come close to its Template at large, it doesn't prevent you from having Fun. In Particular, the Degree Of difficulty allows a good Entry into the Genre before venturing into the Templates. I recommend the Game.