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Town of Night

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Town of Night is a First-Person Dungeon Crawler inspired by games like Shining in the Darkness, Etrian Odyssey, Diablo and Wizardry.
In Town of Night you play as Corr Algrimm. Hero, Scholar, ladies' man and expert Sword fighter - All self proclaimed.

Corr is visiting the Town of Night, a strange little town that makes money with Dungeon and Monster hunting tourism, to find out where the monsters are coming from.

In Town of Night you can recruit different members to your party to go dungeon crawling like you want to.
Remember to bring Ink and Paper to draw your own map and try not to die.
  • 5-10 Hour Campaign
  • 6 Different Recrutable Heroes
  • Looting and Levelling
  • First Person Dungeon Crawling
Release date
Delusional Games
Back To Basics Gaming
Age rating
Not rated

System requirements for PC

  • OS: Microsoft® Windows7/8/10 (32/64bit versions)
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo processor or AMD Athlon™ 64 or better
  • Graphics: Intel HD graphics 4400 or more, Radeon HD graphics 5430 or more, OpenGL 3.0 or more
  • Storage: 184 MB available space
  • Sound Card: DirectX 9.0 Compatible Sound
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Last Modified: Sep 17, 2019

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Town of Night reviews and comments

Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
"Town of Night" is a Kind of RPG dungeon crawler. We start in a typical small Town with typical WASD control we move on, chat with typical NPCs, put together a small Troupe of four Men (or primarily Woman together) and off you go through a Well Shaft into the first Dungeon. If the City View is designed in quite nicely drawn RPG maker Fashion, the Dungeons are suddenly in a very idiosyncratic First-Person View. Where the Dungeons consist only of tiny Sections of Maple. There are Boxes, Vases and Enemies in the Dungeons. Loads Of Enemies. Such a Quantity that after three Steps you meet the next Group again. The Fights take place in a classic RPG usual round base. We choose whether to attack with our Characters, defend ourselves or execute a Special Ability that costs Mana and the Round then expires automatically. Let's usually go loot, usually a Medicinal Plant or a Potion, every now and then also Guns, Shields or Headgear. Everything as mans knows. The Controls are double-edged. On The one hand, it also runs pleasantly fast with Gamepad, on the other hand, the First-person control is extremely unfortunate and unnecessarily annoying. Very weak also the Actually non-existent story. The Characters are papers flat. You just slip into a Dungeon and skin Hornets and Mucus, which is why it remains unclear. In addition, the Game is extremely repetive-driven Due to the always the same fights and the Motivation continues to play quickly keeps itself within Limits. "Town of Night" is a crude Mix of a few good And too many poorly made approaches. Completely unclear also the Music Selection. Entering the first Dungeon echoes an 80s synthium sound that sounds like the Soundtrack to the softporn version of "Miami Vice ..." Rating: 3/10 Atmosphere 2/10 Story 5/10 Graphic 4/10 Sound 5/10 Game Mechanics 4/10 Balancing 4/10 Game Pass Conclusion: Too indifferent and repetetive to be able to convince. 4/10 Overall Rating
Translated by
Microsoft from Deutsch
Town of Night is a Blend of RPG and Dungeon Crawler from Delusional Games. I couldn't make out a real Story. You're in one City, looking for a Troupe together and going from one Dungeon to the next. There is hardly any more Plot. The Dialogues with the different Characters are quite simple, especially with the Followers that this is noticeable. According To it, it says, "I'm cute you should take me with me" or "I'm useful you should take me with you." Apart from the fact that the Game in The Storytelling area is a bit very simple and pays attention to the Gameplay, it makes a pretty good Impression. Controlled by WASD, Enter and ESC. In the Group you can add three more Characters and if you look around the Place a little you see 4 different Characters who want to join in, so that you can also customize your Group. In the Dungeons you meet all Sorts of Enemies, some surprise Fights, some Bosses and Intermediate bosses, who have to address them in a targeted way and Who sometimes have it really in them. With each new Level, the small Group learns new Skills without being overwhelmed by them. Unfortunately, some of the Skills (especially the Spells) lack a Description of what it does. The different Menus are quite manageable, the only thing I personally lack is a Map. As a result, I only got to the Witch's Forest and then gave it up after a long time of trying. If you want to play this Game, it is best to put Pen and Paper to the right thing and prepare a Card yourself. The Graphics are quite old-fashioned, at least in the Areas, which I didn't like much. For this I found the individual Characters and also the Majority of the opponent/monsters very well designed. The Sound is ok, sometimes even quite atmospheric, but very quickly becomes monotonous. If you have no Problem with the fact that Town of Night Is quite Old school or is looking for exactly such Games you can try it quietly. I find the €2 quite justified and as often as it is in the Sale you can often get it for under €1. Even Dungeon Crawler Fans can find it quiet and one or the other RPG Favorite could also please at this Game.
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