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Important: Click blue arrows to play in full screen!

controls: WASD, C to craft. Click to interact.

This is a game where you run an online toy store called Tywins Toys. I chose the topic because i love simulation games and have recently been into store games - and an online store would limit the need for character models and AI.  In this game you will receive toy orders online, order supplies to craft these toys with, craft the toys and package them, then ship them to the customer. 

The game has come along way. Once i got the basic crafting mechanic down i started to really enjoy working on it. I had bigger visions for it but even now it doesn't fit in under 4 minutes. I made quite a bad decision trying to separate the computer into a separate  scene, i spent lots of hours trying to make multi-scenes and in the end just had to compress it to one scene which turned out to be a lot easier. I did struggle with the audio, and theres not as much audio as i would like, but some of the sounds - like the crafting sound, im really proud of. Overall im happy with the final product. 

Release date
Mar 16, 2019
Age rating
Not rated
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Last Modified: Mar 18, 2019
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