True Love reviews

*In my first playthrough I could get both good ends with Remi and Ryoko.
A simple raising stats sim / dating sim with erotica. The MC is a student and he got 3 months to find a girlfriend and get laid along the way. While the plot seems basic as heck, all the characters are memorable, the events are well written, the romance / sexy stuff is tasteful, the art is nice, and the MIDI music is great. There are some issues with the game, such as a “freeze” every time a new MIDI song must be played, but it’s more tolerable in windowed mode. Crashes could also occur, but it only happens to me in full-screen mode. Despite those hiccups, True Love 95 is a cool retro game. I liked that the MC, while being a pervert, had a heart of gold and would never tolerate disrespect and violence toward the romanceable girls. He would also never “force” them in his bed, unlike other erotica games I had played where the MC would “dominate” the chosen gal. Recommended to retro, dating sims, and erotica fans.