True Surf reviews

I've been playing True Surf for maybe a couple of years now. It's had a lot of good and bad moments...but mostly good. There's just something calming about firing it up and being met by nothing but an ocean. The app open speed is impressive...~5 seconds and boom, you're met by the ocean. Beautifully designed, the waves & wind are all based on the real-time weather of the location you've chosen to surf (and there are many). Wait for the wave, pick your drop in spot, and surf. It's super chill. Having done absolutely zero surfing in my actual life, I feel I've even learned some basic concepts just with the app alone.
Now all of this said, the app has kinda gone a bit downhill since launch. A year or so ago they updated the way scoring works. It drastically hurt level progression to the point that it became a chore. The draw of "catching one more wave" for a push towards your next level was gone. There are also "competitions" you can enter that seem to be a big push for you to compete against others. However they're often gimmicky and a lot of users have found ways to cheat the system to get big scores.

Overall, if you're down with just surfing...get the game. Don't expect much depth or challenge. Just hang ten maaaaan.