Turner reviews

Translated by
Microsoft from French
Turner was a nice surprise. I hesitated to take it in front of the little info I could find on it but the trailer made me want although I feared that the game is too hardcore for my liking. In the end, it turns out that it is a well-screwed and clever platform game! Not easy on these last levels but not impossible either. The +: + short or very short levels. + Pure level platform based only on skill. + More reflection-oriented levels and know how to pass them. + Levels mixing the two. + Death is not a concern, the game gives us immediately at the beginning of the level, which sometimes makes us die immediately if we activated a jump and that the vacuum faces us... but at least we are immediately back in the race and this is great for the die & retry side. + The hero possesses abilities evolving over the levels, initially you can only move, jump and rotate the area in which you are located or some elements of the area, then you get jump against the walls, double jump, slip, cling to a surface on which the perso does not slip (so parallel to the ground or almost) and to finish the teleportation in the trial mode, it requires a time of adaptation to understand its functioning. + Many traps and obstacles well thought out. As well as push buttons to activate platforms, buttons which, on the last levels, remain active a limited time, thus cancelling what they have done. + A lot of levels (205 for basic levels, 205 for basic levels in hard, 50 for trial mode, 50 for trial mode in hard, hard mode is like the dark world in Super meet boy). + For collectors or completionists, there are elements (pages) to be found in the basic levels. + A speedrun mode of basic levels (hard included) for speedrunners (it remains permissive, you can die as many times as you wish). + Playable with a joystick 360 (I have not had any worries in particular, just adaptation times with the last power and its use, it might have been simpler to keyboard) + history is not the main element of the game but it is interesting although quite sad in the end... The-:-some passages a little rough of stripping but we end up getting there, learning a hard hair on some levels of the hard mode. -One or two levels really swimming at the level of timing, especially one, the first of the hard trial mode, that one, I found it abused. -Lack of translation, the pages harvestable are in Spanish and the titles of chapters and levels are also in Spanish, it is a little pity for who is interested in the history of the main character. In conclusion, it's a good game that lasted me 10h, I did everything, except the hard speedrun. I'm pretty average in this kind of games so if you're good, I'd say you'd rather spend 6-8h on it.